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What is the Next Best Treatment to Try for Corneal Erosion?

Recurrent corneal erosion in both eyes, worse in R eye. Painful. Already used the gels, mura 128 and a contact 4 2wks. 2 days after contact removed,... READ MORE

Calculation of Corneal Scar Depth

What should 1 consider as corneal scar depth in ant. oct report- scar in total or scar left after 5 months healing(thining). While doing surgery what... READ MORE

Why I Do Have White Spots in the Pupil or Sometimes Like a White Shadow?

I Have done an eyelid surgery, cause i was suffering from a full ptosis due to the removal of an optic nerve meningioma. its been 2 month that i have... READ MORE

What is my Option of Eyesight Treatment with a -6.0 in Both Eyes and a Central Corneal Thickness of 413 and 427?

I am 27 and have a prescription of -6.0 in both eyes and a central corneal thickness of 413 (right eye) and 427 (left eye). So, Lasik is not an option... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a corneal scar with Laser Treatment instead of surgery?

I am 28 years old. i have a corneal scar on my left eye( two years ago ). i want to know that how to remove it. my scar is big. the doctors in my... READ MORE

Why Am I Getting Cornea Erosion?

Hi I have been suffering with corneal erosion for the last 3 years. It happens every night. My eyelids stick to the suffers and scrap the corneal. The... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Severe Myopia?

I have a prescription of -10 in both eyes and an average cornea thickness (440), one doctor recomend for me the permenant lens implants and another... READ MORE

I am 19 years old. I have -9 and -11 nearsightedness. Corneal thickness is 510 and 508. Which eye surgery should I consider?

I had myopia since i was small and it has increasing to -9 and -11. Since the last year it is stable. So now i am considering eye surgery. But my... READ MORE

Question on corneal scar

I had a bacterial conjunctivitis initially.. Then after a month i had a viral conjunctivitis.. Now even after two months with the redness gone I am... READ MORE

Finding a good ophthalmologist?

I want to get a pannus removed from my cornea (one eye). Would any ophthalmologist who does surgery be sufficient or is it best performed by a corneal... READ MORE

Unsatisfactory Oucome Post ReLEx SMILE. Confusing Rx. Very worried. Am I suitable for Enhancement?

Pre-op R -6.25/-1.50, L -6.25/-1.75 (manifest and cycloplegic) Underwent ReLEx SMILE 8wk ago, uneventful. Initial cornea thickness R 529 L 536. Cap... READ MORE

I Read That PRK or LASIK Treatment Burns the Cornea, Does It Grows Back to Its Normal Size?

I read in websites and heard from a specialist that PRK or LASIK treatment burns the cornea and basically "chops" the cornea until the visionn is... READ MORE

I have corneal unspecified opacity. Need a advice for corneal scar treatment? (photo)

Today i have visited my doctor and doctor says that i have corneal scar 250 um (scar depth) ,484 um(full thickness of cornea) and he says if i dont... READ MORE

Eye Retina Sitting Down?

My son age is 12 years and 6 months. a straw was hit in his right eye. cornea was damages and was repaired after 7 days due to high infection. now... READ MORE

Is surface laser the same as PRK?

Further why regression does occur and what are reasons of number back again after had a lasik. I had a corneal topography two weeks back according to... READ MORE

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