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Is the Lap Band Reversible?

Can a Lap Band be removed if I reach my target goal? READ MORE

Will Lap Band Removal Always Result in Weight Gain?

I've been banded for six years and in that time have reached my goal weight (115 lbs loss). I can easily attribute half to the band and half to the... READ MORE

5 weeks post-op from lap band removal. Incision from port removal began seeping blood and also looking green and today white?

Do I need to see the surgeon or my regular GP to have this looked at? I'm worried because I had a breast lift and implants last year and had to have... READ MORE

Can the Band Be Removed and Another Procedure Done, or is This to High Risk?

I am 65yrs old had a band put on my stomach aprox. 25yrs ago. Worked well for a few yrs now weight is back. I still vomit when I eat certain foods... READ MORE

Can the Same Dr. Remove a Lapband and Do Liposuction at the Same Time? I Need a Referral for the St. Louis Area?

Thank you in advance for responding to my questions. I had the lapband procedure approx. 2 1/2 years ago. It was not successful for me and I would... READ MORE

How serious and painful is the recovery period for both Lap Band Repositioning and Removal?

 I do not have a lap band. I am comfortable with all the life style changes required for living with a lp, but I am very nervous about further... READ MORE

How much does it cost to have the lap band removed?

I have had nothing but trouble since my lab band was put in. How much would it cost to remove the band? READ MORE

Can You Remove Just the Port of the Lap-Band?

I had a lap-band placed about 6 years ago, but I struggled with getting the right amount of restriction and eventually had all the fluid removed,... READ MORE

I'm Inquiring About Wanting to Have my Lap-band Removed. What Steps Do I Need to Take to Get This to Happen?

I had lapband surgery July of 2007, I have lost a large amount of weight to the point my family and friends think that I am too thin. I am 5'9 and now... READ MORE

I'm looking for a doctor who specialize in lapband removal while also performing a tummy tuck in the Houston Area. (Photo)

I haven't had much success with the lap band. My sw:225, lw:180 cw:200. Since July everything I eat bloats my stomach really bad. I've even tried just... READ MORE

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