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Can a Lap Band Leak?

Can a band leak and cause problems down the road? Would I need another surgery if this happens? READ MORE

Lapband Leakage. Can It Be Repaired?

Can a leakage from the balloon be repaired or need a new band. I had my band for only a year and I don't have no restriction. READ MORE

LapBand Revision During Tummy Tuck?

My lap band was placed in Dec of '07, and it never really worked right - I had it confirmed via flouroscopy in '09 that the band itself was... READ MORE

Do I Have to Go Through the Preop Procedures Again if I've Already Had a Lap Band and Now Want Gastric Bypass?

I had lap band surgery three years ago. It never did what it was placed in me to do. I believe there is a leak in the band. The saline was always gone... READ MORE

Should I be ill after being diagnosed with a band slippage; and how soon after diagnosis should I require treatment? (photo)

I was banded in September 2011 and lost 6 stone. However, approx 6 weeks ago things started to go wrong and I felt pain under left breast post fill.... READ MORE

Possible Lap Band Leak?

So as I am preparing for my mommy makeover next month I wanted to get a fill as I wasn't feeling much restriction I had a fill done 3 weeks ago and it... READ MORE

I have no restriction after 6 years of being banded. Experiencing a little discomfort on left side erosion, dilation, leak, or?

I had lapband surgery 6 years ago I have had 7 ccs in my band with restriction until 2 months ago when I realized I had no restriction. Dr said I only... READ MORE

Can the doctor inject a fluid to my lap band to stop leakage?

I had my lap band port and tube replaced a few months ago because of a leak. When I went to have it filled, the nurse missed the port and stuck me... READ MORE

8 days post op from Lap Band removal. Leaking blood. (photo)

I'm 8 days postop from lap band removal and 2nights ago I woke up in the middle of thenight to find a 3 inch in diameter blood spot on my night shirt.... READ MORE

Can a leaky lapband be repaired?

I had a lapband put in 2004, I lost approx. 165 lbs. In 2012 I had two strokes leaving my vocal cord paralyzed in Las Vegas, NV. I started gaining... READ MORE

Can your lap band create a leak to where it doesn't hold the saline solution?

I have had my lap band since March 2010, I have loved it since then. My last adjustment was in October of 2014, and then suddenly the last 2 month I... READ MORE

My band is losing fluid and after 2 tests so far the doctor doesn't know why. Any suggestions?

My lap band is losing fluid and I have no restriction. I had an endoscope done and I don't have band erosion, I had a dye injected in the band under... READ MORE

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