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Bladder Lift and Vaginal Wall Tightening Same As Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Is bladder sling and vaginal wall tightening for cystocele repair the same as "vaginal rejuvenation?" What is the difference between the two... READ MORE

Labiaplasty: Plastic Surgeon or Ob-Gyn?

Is a board certified Plastic Surgeon more qualified than a board certified OB-Gyn to perform labiaplasty or vaginoplasty procedures? How can one tell... READ MORE

I Want a Sexier Vagina. How Do I Get It?

I Want a Sexier Vagina. How Do I Get It? READ MORE

Are There Any Herbal Remedies to Tighten Loose Vaginal Muscles?

I have five children,four of them normal deliveries.In two of those deliveries,the doctor said there was 'no need' for stitches,but that... READ MORE

Excess skin surgically removed from in between vagina and anus and it looks like a weird raspberry. Is that normal? (Photo)

Hi, I had labiaplasty surgery on Tuesday as well as some excess skin between my vagina and anus. The labiaplasty seems to be healing ok but the excess... READ MORE

Clitoral Orgasms After Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

I Just Had Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery a Week Ago. Is It Okay to Have Orgasms? I am not referring to intercourse. Just having clitoral orgasms.... READ MORE

What Results Do You Get from a Vaginoplasty?

I want to know exactly what results it gets. Are women more or less capable of achieving climax? Does it improve blood flow, or is it just cosmetic?... READ MORE

How Much Improvement Can I Expect with a Vaginoplasty?

I'm interested in getting a vaginoplasty (tightening) surgery. How much improvement in tightness can I expect to see from this surgery? READ MORE

Vaginal Rejuvination - Laser or Incision-Based?

I have pain with intercourse and I get air trapped into my vagina constantly. It is embarrassing and painful. When I lay down and spread my legs open... READ MORE

I had labiaplasty last September, but it still doesn't look very attractive. What can I do? (photo)

What really bothers me is the dark discoloration. I really even hate posting pics to Doctors, that is how much I dislike it. I will post all the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a real outwardly bulged vagina that protrudes further than my hipbones?

Is it normal to have a real outwardly bulged vagina ? Its almost like a ball bone that seems to purtrude further than my hip bones and I have... READ MORE

I Need to Know That This Sore is?

I have a sore/cut near the end of my Vagina. It burns when I go to the bathroom and sometimes when I stand walk or sit down I only had one sex... READ MORE

Will labiaplasty help with frequent urinary or vaginal infections?

My inner labia protrude by about 3cm. Sometime sex can be painful, but usually my intercourse issues result from excessive rubbing of my inner labia... READ MORE

Yellowish drainage and pain after labia reduction 10 days ago, what should I do? (photos)

I had 11 dental implants placed, breast implants switched to gummy bear, lipo and Liba reduction 10 days ago in Costa Rica. I was up and walking the... READ MORE

How much would it cost to get rid of the loose skin around the vaginal hole-anus area? (photo)

How much would it cost to get rid of the loose skin around the vaginal hole to the anus area? It's not a major concern for me I am just curious. I... READ MORE

I have a lump of blood hanging from my vagina after a Labiaplasty. Help!! (photo)

I has a labiaplasty 3 days ago and although my surgeon said to expect bleeding I am worried. The bleeding is very minimal now but outside my vagina... READ MORE

What is the best way to clean around the clitoris and inner lips post labiaplasty and vaginal tightening?

I was told just to use water, only I am not feeling very clean down there . I am 10 days post op . My area around the clitoris looks like it needs a... READ MORE

Hi, I'm prone to keloid scarring. Will this affect me if I choose to have a labiaplasty?

I've developed keloid scarring from all surgeries I've had so far and I'm worried if the vagina is likely to develop keloids? READ MORE

Is it normal to still have bladder problems 2 weeks after Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

I had total LVR 2 weeks ago. Things seem to be going well except my bladder is still bothering me. I can empty it fairly well now, but it still feels... READ MORE

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