Urination + Labiaplasty

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Labioplasty with Wedge Method. Hard Tightening and Swelling? (photo)

5 month ago I had labioplasty with wedge metod and z scars on inferior portion of the vulva,I suffered hard thightening especially on the left side... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and Clitoris 1 Month Ago and Have Painful Urination and Edema?

Hi i did my labia plasty and clitoris reduction about one mounth ago.but still i have painfull urination and oedema on left n side and pain on left... READ MORE

How would you pee after labia reduction surgery?

I just had labia reduction surgery done the day before and am afraid of peeing! It's vagina is very sore and has a stinging sensation everyone and... READ MORE

Will labiaplasty help with frequent urinary or vaginal infections?

My inner labia protrude by about 3cm. Sometime sex can be painful, but usually my intercourse issues result from excessive rubbing of my inner labia... READ MORE

Is dripping blood after a labiaplasty procedure normal?

I just had a labiaplasty, and today was my second full day of healing. I was told it was normal to experience some bloody oozing, but I seem to be... READ MORE

I have pain when I urinate after labiaplasty. Am I doing everything I can to help the healing process?

Surgery was 2 weeks ago, the edges of my labia were trimmed & cauterized and about a 1/4 of an inch of the interior area of my labia on both sides... READ MORE

Does this look normal? And It burns when I pee. (Photo)

And It burns when I pee. I had a uti. And the dr gave me two different meds. When I though the first wasn't helping. I've had this burning since Nov.... READ MORE

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