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After Giving Birth my Doctor Sewed my Labia Minora Together. What Can I Do? (photo)

They're sewed together through the middle, wearing tight jeans is uncomfortable and sex is out of the question for fear that they will rip if... READ MORE

Labia Repair After Giving Birth?

I gave birth 7 mos ago & had 2nd degree laceration &was sutured rght after birth.a few months later i find my labia on right side like loose... READ MORE

After Pregnancy- Sewed Labia Minor Incorrectly?

A year ago I had a baby girl. It was natural birth, & as expected, I was torn & had to be sewn. After the okay, I had sex again-very painful... READ MORE

I Gave Birth 10 Weeks Ago. My Tear Healed Wrong. I Had a Perineorrhaphy to Fix the Tear Site?

Can I have another kid vaginally, or will I get some freakish scar tissue down there since I had to get a 2nd repair done? Why does my perineum look... READ MORE

I Had a 2nd Degree Tear from Having my 1st Son. A Stitch Popped During Healing. I Had a Perineorrhaphy B/c the Tear Healed Wrong

The stitches from the initial birth completely dissolved within 4.5 weeks. With the perineorrhaphy though, it's been 5 weeks since they did it and I... READ MORE

I Need a Perineorraphy Because my 2nd Degree Tear Did Not Heal Correctly. Can I Have Another Baby Vaginally?

I have heard some people say you should not have a perineorraphy until you are done having kids b/c the next delivery could cause scar tissue. Others... READ MORE

Will this tear heal?

I noticed that when I spread my labia, there was a Sharp pain where both my labia and my clitorous meet. After a closer examination, I discovered a... READ MORE

Will the holes tear? Is it safe to have sex? Should I see a corrective surgeon? (Photo)

I had the wedge procedure on my left labia. I had to go back to get additional stitches because they kept coming out every week for the next 4 weeks... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a Perineal Raphe reduction during Labiaplasty?

Im not interested in regular labiaplasty. my perineal raphe is rather large (long?) and continues through to my anus. its very painful, as it... READ MORE

After Labiaplasty, what is the likelihood I will re-tear during childbirth?

Three years ago I had a large labia tear during child birth, which was stitch, unfortunately due to infection my stitches didn't completely take, and... READ MORE

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