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If I Have my Mons Pubis Lipo'd, Will my Labia Minira Be More Prominent and Stick out More?

I am scheduled for lipo of the mons pubis in August. Was originally going to both the lipo and labiaplasty but when I heard of the pain from recovery... READ MORE

What is Labiaplasty?

What can I expect from labiaplasty surgery? What changes are realistically achievable? What is recovery like? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make my Result Look Like This After Labiaplasty? (photo)

I am interested in having Labiaplasty surgery. To inform myself already, my question is, if it would be possible to make the result look approximately... READ MORE

How Does the Trim Method Labiaplasty Affect Level of Sensation?

Would this technique allow for greater physical arousal than other methods? READ MORE

Unhappy with Labiaplasty Results - Can It Be Corrected?

I had a labioplasty almost three years ago and the doctor removed both of the labias completely, which was a surprise for me as I just wanted them... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Labiaplasty. Uneven Labials. What To Expect?

I am 2 weeks after labiaplasty (egalization technic) Doctor told me, he has to leave a 1 cm of labia. After operation my left labium is about 8 mm... READ MORE

9 weeks after Labiaplasty, will I see anymore changes? I'm not overly happy with results. (photos)

I had labiaplasty 9 weeks ago. Will I see any further changes? What I mean is will they become any smaller?? I've been dismissed from my surgeon as he... READ MORE

Is there a possibility for revision?

I had a labiaplasty procedure done in December 2013. It has been three months since my surgery and I have noticed that my labia has puckered due to... READ MORE

Does having your period during Labiaplasty recovery effect healing? Is it safe to resume taking my birth control pill?

I just had labiaplasty 5 days ago and got my period yesterday. Mine are med-heavy, clotting is usually involved. It's gross and that it's... READ MORE

Is this a possible result for me from a Labiaplasty? (photos)

Its very very important how it looks as well as being more comfortable I want here is mine which goal is most possible I like the look of these 2... READ MORE

Will results change? One month post op Labiaplasty + Hood Lift (photos)

I'm one month post op and I'm still very swollen. My surgeon says two more weeks until sex and working out, which right now feels like it wont be... READ MORE

Photo's 2 Months Post Labiaplasty - Unnatural looking result? (photos)

I underwent labiaplasty approximately 8 weeks ago and I am quite worried about the unnatural looking 'knobs' (the ends of the frenula). Is it possible... READ MORE

I had a bilateral labiaplasty in early January. I am very unhappy, but are the results what women wind up with? (photos)

I don't like the lumpiness at all. On one side, I don't think she blended the line into the part she was leaving untouched. The result is the skin... READ MORE

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