Itching + Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty Post-Op Concerns- Itchiness, Stinging Pain and Swelling Normal?

I had Labiaplasty surgery about 3 and a half weeks ago and over the past 2 weeks ive noticed alot of itching that is keeping me up at night, i have a... READ MORE

When Is It Completely Safe To Start Slow Easy Sex Again?

I Had Labiaplasty,vaginal Tightening, Excess Prepuss and Perinoplasty Done 2 Weeks Ago. I have had lots of dark bleeding from vagina and still having... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Itching?

I am now 6 weeks after my labia plasty, everything is healing well, i noteced that the stitches is coming out and i can pull them, and some light pain... READ MORE

3 Vaginal Procedures in 6wks. Now Have Irritation, Itching?

I have had 3 surgical procedures vaginally in 6 wks. now have redness on external vagina and inner thighs, irritated skin and horrible itching. went... READ MORE

Can I Use Vaginal Tablets 3 Weeks After Having Labioplasty?

I had labia reduction (trim) done 2 weeks ago and i feel fine. I have itching inside the vagina and would like to use vaginal tablets (kansen) which... READ MORE

Help is it infected , 6 days post op? (Photo)

It has been 6 days since my surgery, I still continue to have a horrible pain (feels like burning/itching) . I'm still not able to walk properly let... READ MORE

Does everything look normal? Is there anything I can use to ease occasional itching? Any precautions I should take? (Photo)

Day 4 post op. Mainly uncomfortable. Short periods of pain after gently showering and both during & after anytime that panties are required. Only... READ MORE

Is my left labia splitting open? (Photo)

Hi, I'm now 11 days post op I been itching like crazy to the point I wanna cry ! So I took a mirror down there to see if all was looking ok down there... READ MORE

Labioplasty and cost

I have a little longer labia that causes much itching, dryness, and irritation that came after my last child. First, can this surgery be covered by... READ MORE

Hole after Labiaplasty! Will it need to be stitched again or will it close by itself?

I had LabiaPlasty 24/8/2014 and everything is ok but I have hole in my left labia it's small not bloody and clean ! My doctor said we will wait for 2... READ MORE

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