Irritation + Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty Post-Op Concerns- Itchiness, Stinging Pain and Swelling Normal?

I had Labiaplasty surgery about 3 and a half weeks ago and over the past 2 weeks ive noticed alot of itching that is keeping me up at night, i have a... READ MORE

3 Vaginal Procedures in 6wks. Now Have Irritation, Itching?

I have had 3 surgical procedures vaginally in 6 wks. now have redness on external vagina and inner thighs, irritated skin and horrible itching. went... READ MORE

My Doctor Recommended the Trim Method for Labiaplasty to Get a "New Start" Instead of Keeping the Edges There?

I am having pain, irritation, pinching, chaffing, etc. I knew about the procedure before and was leaning more towards the wedge. He said he would... READ MORE

If I wanted to trim one side of my labia would it still cost as much as many of these reviews do?

One of my labias hangs very low, for a while I thought it might be a tumor or something. It's only connected by a thin area of skin and then it... READ MORE

Extra skin inside vagina (Photo)

For the last couple of years I've had quite a bit of excess skin inside my vagina and while I'm not too self conscious about it, it can and does get... READ MORE

My daughter is having issues with the extra skin. Any suggestions?

She has had it since she was 10, now 18. Not sexually active. Rubbing and can get a bit sore. Sometimes irritates. She soaks in the tub a lot. Any... READ MORE

What procedures am I a candidate for, vaginoplasty or labiaplasty or both? (Photo)

I have hidradentitis suppurativa that has caused major damage to my skin in my groin area...I had have chemical burns on my vagina from a reaction to... READ MORE

I don't have Medicaid but looking into Labiaplasty surgery basically wondering how much my payments will be ?

Because of the rubbing against each other and irritating me so bad it itches my lips are so long and flappy to where's I don't even receive air so I'm... READ MORE

5 months post op Labiaplasty, the right side the labia has turned inwards loosing the crease. Any suggestion?

Had labiaplasty 5 months ago. The left side looks great but the right side the labia has turned inwards . I think this was due to the extensive... READ MORE

Do patients complain of Premarin cream being irritating to the genital area?

I was prescribed Premarin 4 times daily to speed in healing from a labiaplasty-trim method and cauterization instead of stitches. I've been itchy and... READ MORE

Can I have my labia reduced on the NHS? (Photo)

I am so embarrassed about my labia that I'm too afraid to go to my GP as I'm scared I will be turned away. For so long my labia has irritated me,... READ MORE

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