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Does Insurance Cover Labiaplasty?

Do gyn doctors also do this type of surgery? Is it covered by insurance or is it only done with cash? READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Labiaplasty in Canada?

My labia minora are larger than many of the before photos I have seen, and I am looking into getting labiaplasty. Many everyday activities are painful... READ MORE

Would I Qualify to Have a Labia Reduction on the NHS?

My labia's arnt so huge that when im stood upright they hang out however thay are very large,the left one being double the size of the right one. I... READ MORE

Could I get insurance to cover my labia reduction? How do I keep it private?

I've read that insurance will occasionally cover labia reduction when it is deemed medically necessary. This problem is visible when I wear a... READ MORE

I Want to Get a Labiaplasty Done Because of Discomfort. How Do I Get This Covered?

I've been thinking about this procedure since I was about 13 years old and it causes me discomfort and really takes a toll on me with enjoying life.... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Labiaplasty Causing Frequent Yeast and Bacterial Infections?

I am 25 and a very clean person. My labia are enlarged, especially on one side. Sometimes sex and tight jeans are uncomfortable, but more bothersome... READ MORE

My labia minor causes discomfort! What are my options? (photos)

NYC. I have discomfort wearing tight clothes or jeans. My labia minor on the left protrudes out significantly. Sometimes during sex it gets caught and... READ MORE

Any experience with insurance covering Labiaplasty?

I called Cigna and they said no, its considered cosmetic. I had an accident when I was younger and my obgyn wants me to come in bc she said they will... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Get Your Insurance to Pay for Part of It?

If I chose to do this could my insurance help pay for it and is Thier any other pros to having this done READ MORE

I have large labia lips that are uncomfortable.. Who do I talk to about getting this covered by OHIP in Ontario, Canada?

I have been suffering with large labia lips all my life. They have always been uncomfortable and bothersome. I would never be able afford this and... READ MORE

Can labiaplasty be covered by insurance if you get the procedure done for non-cosmestic reasons?

My labia have always caused me pain and discomfort, and general have been nothing but a hassle. Intercourse is painful, wearing underwear and jeans is... READ MORE

Will insurance cover labiaplasty in special cases?

I have very long, uneven labia. One side of my labia minora protrudes about 7 cm and is much worse than any photos I have seen on this website. Will... READ MORE

Botched labiaplasty revision? (Photo)

I had my labiaplasty done by the chief gyno doctor and am so unhappy. It is honestly worse than before. She completely amputated one side of my labia,... READ MORE

Is perineal reconstruction covered by insurance and what type is specialist do I see?

Is vaginal reconstruction covered by insurance? I have a perinial scar from a polyp removal and my dr over sewed and my vaginal opening is 3/4 covered... READ MORE

Considering getting labiaplasty and was wondering if any doctor here has experience getting this procedure covered by insurance?

I'm currently 20 years old but when I was 14 years old, I suffered a freak accident that resulted in genital trauma. One of my lips looks normal now... READ MORE

Hello, I have been contemplating labiaplasty. I have dealt with it for 18 years and it's causing pain and discomfort.

Lately, I realized I was having a pinching pain when wiping. There is a small soft bump ( not round like a pimple or hard) near my clitoris. When I... READ MORE

How do I go about getting my insurance company to pay for Labiaplasty?

Can my gyno submit to my insurance company or can I go to a plastic surg. and have him send photos? Will my surgeon call and let me know or will my... READ MORE

is labiaplasty covered from indian affairs in canada?

I was wondering if labiaplastyis covered by Indian affairs, because my vagina lips are pretty big and uncomfortable READ MORE

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