Extra Skin + Labiaplasty

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Extra skin on vagina, big labia, Hymen not over opening? (photo)

My labia minora is large..I am only 14 almost 15. I also have an extra piece of skin on the left that just sits there..this is very embarassing and I... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my 11 Yr Old Daughter to Have Extra Skin Coming out Her Vagina?

My daughter is 11 years old and she just started her period last week. She just informed me that she has some redness and some bumps on her vagina... READ MORE

What other procedures besides Labiaplasty would I need to get? (Photos)

I've always wanted to get labiplasty but am always scared hearing horror stories like getting something removed without your permission or loss of... READ MORE

Need Help Please! Labiaplasty about 3 Weeks Ago, Scars are Healing but Have a Huge Knob of Skin?

Need Help Please!! ): I had labiaplasty on April 30th, about three weeks ago....the scars look like they are healing well but I have a huge knob of... READ MORE

Extra skin inside vagina (Photo)

For the last couple of years I've had quite a bit of excess skin inside my vagina and while I'm not too self conscious about it, it can and does get... READ MORE

Labiaplsty 4 weeks post op - hairs in stitch line? and still too much skin left? (Photo)

4 weeks post op labiaplsty wedge method, I'm displeased with the still very bulky visible amount of labia minora left. I am also worried the left... READ MORE

My daughter is having issues with the extra skin. Any suggestions?

She has had it since she was 10, now 18. Not sexually active. Rubbing and can get a bit sore. Sometimes irritates. She soaks in the tub a lot. Any... READ MORE

Why has the extra skin appeared in my vulva? (photos)

I had labia surgery at 14. I has bacterial Vagilosis diagnosed and treated just over a year ago. I've have recently come off of the microginea contra... READ MORE

Too much skin around clitoris after labiaplasty!

I've had labiaplasty twice. Once on the NHS and one privately to correct the first but although the second op was ok the skin around my clitoris... READ MORE

What's the best procedure to remove extra skin growth on the side lip of my vagina?

So when I was younger around 20, I was shaving down there in my private area and accidently cut the side of the lip of my vagina. Due to that it seem... READ MORE

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