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I Want my Vagina Tightened. Inside to Opening. No Reconstruction of Outside Lips. Is LVR It?

I have had 5 abortions, 1 c-section. I am obese. I have been sexually abused for years with large apparatus. Want a virgin tight vagina, entrance to... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon in Texas Who Does Labiaplasty for Free or Low Cost?

I am interested in a labiaplasty, where can i find a plastic surgeon in texas to do it for free or low cost? I've heard that it is possible to get it... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Cost and Doctor in Cleveland, Ohio?

How much does Labiaplasty cost to make the smaller lips in my vagina smaller? I feel uncomfortable. Does anyone know a doctor in Cleveland, Ohio? READ MORE

Wedge or Trim Labiaplasty Techinque? Recommended NYC Labiaplasty Specialist W Many Pictures? (photo)

No children, slim, mid 20's. I want to perfect the surgery on the first time; no mistakes/ no revisions. I don't want to maintain the natural edge and... READ MORE

Recommended Surgeon for Labiaplasty in NYC?

I have not really found any other than Dr. Robert Rho in my search. Are there any other highly recommended surgeons for this procedure in NYC? READ MORE

Bad Labiaplasty Surgery? Need Someone to Correct.

Hi. week ago, my wife did a labiaplasty surgery in one of the best Israeli clinics. It's too early to judge, but we afraid the surgery was done not... READ MORE

Where Can I Get ' Labial Puff ' Injections in the UK ?

I watched a segment on The Doctors  Labial puff done with Sculptra (I don't mind what substance is used though as long as the results are... READ MORE

Best Labiaplasty Surgeon Specialist(s)?

Preferably someone in Canada, if not than someone in the States is fine. READ MORE

Labiaplasty in New England?

Most recommended surgeons of labiaplasty I have research are from larger cities like LA, NYC, and Miami. I live in New Hampshire and while I have... READ MORE

Good Labiaplasty Surgeon in Ontario?

What labiaplasty is good in Ontario? I've been thinking about getting this done for a while now to improve my self-esteem and because of discomfort... READ MORE

I have large labia lips that are uncomfortable.. Who do I talk to about getting this covered by OHIP in Ontario, Canada?

I have been suffering with large labia lips all my life. They have always been uncomfortable and bothersome. I would never be able afford this and... READ MORE

Considering getting labiaplasty and was wondering if any doctor here has experience getting this procedure covered by insurance?

I'm currently 20 years old but when I was 14 years old, I suffered a freak accident that resulted in genital trauma. One of my lips looks normal now... READ MORE

Want Labiaplasty done, don't want any outer lips. Every doc I seen says labia will still be sticking out. Any suggestion?(photo)

Labiaplasty . I have been reading a lot about the barbie procedure and wondering if anyone had it done in toronto or any doctor specializes in it? Do... READ MORE

Any suggestions for doctor's for Labiaplasty? (photos)

As you can see my labias are horrible im very insecure about it, I'm still a Virgin! im 18 years old and want to get it remove but I need a surgeon... READ MORE

Is There Anyone in the Toronto Area Who is Skilled in Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?

I would like a revision and would like to find someone in the Toronto area who is skilled at labiaplasty revision. READ MORE

My daughter is 15 years old and feels sure she is ready for labiaplasty. This has bothered her as long as I can remember.

Is it difficult to find a physician that will perform a labioplasty on my 15-year-old daughter She has significant enlargement of her labia minora.... READ MORE

Any doctor recommendation for Labiaplasty? What is the cost?

Thinking about getting labiaplasty. I live in Nh and I am trying to find a surgeon and also trying to figure out what the cost will be. Please help! READ MORE

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