After Pregnancy + Labiaplasty

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Bridge of Skin Formed at Lower Part of my Labia After Natural Birth. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had a natural birth 9 weeks ago. According to my gynae, no episiotomy was required and the tears were natural. Stitching was performed. Now i can... READ MORE

Labiaplasty - Should I Wait Until I'm Done Having Kids to Get the Procedure?

I did not have natural childbirth but delivered via c-section. But I still notice that my vaginal area isn't the same as it was pre-pregnancy. I don't... READ MORE

Torn Labia Minora?

After giving birth, I checked myself in the mirror when I got home and discovered what looks like a small penis sticking out. Apparently, no one... READ MORE

Can't get rid of my camel toe? Regardless of the material I wear.

Since I had my son a half and a year ago I always have that so called 'camel toe'. It doesn't matter what kind of material I'm wearing. It's really... READ MORE

I'm completely unhappy with the appearance of my vagina 5 years after childbirth. Should I Get Labiaplasty? (photo)

I'm considering getting labiaplasty done. I'm completely unhappy with the appearance of my vagina 5 years after childbirth. It has a very "meaty"... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure to Enhance the Puffiness of my Vaginal Lips? (photo)

Ive had 5 vag births and my muscle tone gspot everything is fine barely ripped one stitch..everything is fine to me i still have great orgasms w my... READ MORE

After Pregnancy- Sewed Labia Minor Incorrectly?

A year ago I had a baby girl. It was natural birth, & as expected, I was torn & had to be sewn. After the okay, I had sex again-very painful... READ MORE

I Had to Have a Perineorrhaphy After my 2nd Tear Healed from Giving Birth, B/c It Healed Wrong, a Stitch Popped?

She had to remove the top layer of skin from each side and bring them back together with more stitches to repair the site. 3 weeks post op now & I... READ MORE

I Really Want a Vaginoplasty. Can I Just Make An Appointment For One?

I had a baby 3 months ago, and I don't ever intend to have more children. one was a bad enough experience. While I am not very loose down there, I... READ MORE

I Gave Birth 10 Weeks Ago. My Tear Healed Wrong. I Had a Perineorrhaphy to Fix the Tear Site?

Can I have another kid vaginally, or will I get some freakish scar tissue down there since I had to get a 2nd repair done? Why does my perineum look... READ MORE

I Had a 2nd Degree Tear from Having my 1st Son. A Stitch Popped During Healing. I Had a Perineorrhaphy B/c the Tear Healed Wrong

The stitches from the initial birth completely dissolved within 4.5 weeks. With the perineorrhaphy though, it's been 5 weeks since they did it and I... READ MORE

Is this more an aesthetic procedure needed or possibly something more? (photos)

I am wondering if this is something that would be involve a more complicated surgery. Such as vaginoplasty for aestheticOr reconstruction/ medical... READ MORE

Can I Remove my Dissolvable Stitch?

I gave birth 4 weeks ago. I had a 1st degree tear in the side of my labia. Would it be ok to remove the stitch now. Its really bugging me. READ MORE

I have torn labia after child birth. How much would a simple stitch up cost?

I gave birth to my child 7 yrs ago & I was torn around the labia, not sure if it was natural or episiotomy. they stitched me up but my dh was going to... READ MORE

I would like to have labiaplasty because my excess labia are very uncomfortable. (photos)

This causes much discomfort during sex and during regular activities as I feel it gets pinched between my clothing. I also find I must take extra care... READ MORE

Labia surgery for painful sex post pregnancy?

I've had painful sex since I was pregnant. I never had 'invisible' labia minora but during pregnancy they grew swollen and sore. Sex hurt and I could... READ MORE

Labiaplasty and childbirth?

I got a labiaplasty 2 years ago and I'm expecting in 3 weeks! I am scared that it will cause pain to where I got surgery or rip where I was stitched?... READ MORE

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