2 Weeks Post-op + Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty Wedge Technique Is Healing Bizarrely? (photo)

I had the wedge technique done a little over 2 weeks ago. One side of my labia looks like it is healing ok (you can see the sutures poking out). The... READ MORE

Labiaplasty- do I definitely need a revision, if so what is the absolute soonest I can have it done?

I had a v wedge labiaplasty done 2 and a half weeks ago. The left side is fine I think but the right side is really swollen and has totally opened up... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Labial Reduction - Can I Stimulate my Clitoris?

I can't go any longer! is this safe as long as i stay away from the stitches? READ MORE

I am 12 days post op for a labiaplasty. It appears there is more tissue on one side than the other? (photo)

Could one side be more swollen? I have almost no pain. Just when I sit the bottom of my labia minora seems tender. It appears there are sutures... READ MORE

Sitz Bath or Icing? 2 Weeks Post Op and Still Swollen

I had a labiaplasty done on my labia majora 2 weeks ago and my labia minora are still so swollen and EXTREMELY sensitive. I have been out of work... READ MORE

Had Labiaplasty 2 Wks Ago and Have Healed Very Well, Can I Get a Bikini Wax or is It Too Soon?

I had labiaplasty done 2 weeks ago. (General anaesthetic and wedge method) I have had very little pain and no noticeable swelling. Other than being... READ MORE

Exercise After Labia Minora Reduction?

I had my labia minora (both sides) trimmed two weeks ago. Some doctors say 2 weeks before strenuous exercise, others say 2 months. I do kickboxing,... READ MORE

Stitches came out between top and bottom pieces of labia after wedge method reduction - now they are separated? (photo)

I had a labia reduction done on one side two weeks ago. In the last week, two stitches accidentally came out. Two days ago, I went and had a... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Labiaplasty. Uneven Labials. What To Expect?

I am 2 weeks after labiaplasty (egalization technic) Doctor told me, he has to leave a 1 cm of labia. After operation my left labium is about 8 mm... READ MORE

I had labiaplasty 11 days ago and noticed a slice at the top where I think stitches were. Will it heal? (Photo)

The very top seems to have a big slice and I don't think it will heal and I'm very worried. I know it's only early days but will I need re stitched?... READ MORE

Will I Ever Be Able to Heal from my Labiaplasty Complications? (photo)

Is It Possible That my Surgeon Removed Too Much of the Labia? I had labiaplasty (wedge method) done August 30th. After 12 days, the stitches on both... READ MORE

Just Had a Labiaplasty Done 2 Weeks Ago, Will Childbirth Ruin the Work? Will I Need to Under Go the Procedure Again?

Just Had a Labiaplasty Done 2 Weeks Ago, Will Childbirth Ruin the Work? and Will I Need to Under Go the Procedure Again?? READ MORE

Have my stitches come undone too early? Or is this an infection? (photo)

I had a labia plasty 2 weeks ago and my stiches appear to have come loose and the would has opened making it look infected, what I would like to know... READ MORE

I Had Labiaplasty with Hood Reduction 2 Weeks Ago, when Will the Swelling of the Hood Go Down? Tips to Speed Up the Process?

I had the trim method btw. I also feel that it will still be sticking out from a standing view. What can I do to get the "slit" look? READ MORE

How to Know if my Vaginoplasty Worked Well

Two weeks ago I did both liabiaplasty and posterior repair but till now iam in pain and i look terrible from the stitches and iam afraid that each... READ MORE

Labiaplasty suture line possibly reopened. What can be done? (photo)

I had a labiaplasty done 12 days ago and 2 days ago while using the restroom there was a small clot and then some bleeding (bright red, and more then... READ MORE

Uneven labias after labiaplasty - one labia chopped off (Photo)

I had labiaplasty done about 16 days ago. I think all the swelling is gone and im not sure if im happy with the result. First of all I dont see a big... READ MORE

I have dissovable stitches under the skin after labiaplasty, and bumps around them. Is it normal for them to hurt so bad?

Its been 11 days after the surgery my doctor removed some of the stitches and left some of them there. She claimed they are dissolvable. The parts... READ MORE

11 days post op Labiaplasty, I have this yellow poo coming out. Is it healing right? (photos)

I did my labiaplasty 11 days ago. Every day I see improvment on the swelling and healing but more yellow poo is coming out and I saw like red bubbles... READ MORE

2 weeks post wedge Labiaplasty. Will this hole in my Labia close and heal by itself? (Photo)

Noticed a few days ago. The wound is not very painful and is not weeping or bleeding. All has healed fantastically besides my one inner labia minora... READ MORE

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