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I want to get rid of my Malar Festoons, from over injection of Juvederm.I have Cheek Edema. (Photo)

I had juvederm injections for my tear troughs approximately 2 years ago. Since then I have had vitrase injections to dissolve some of the excess... READ MORE

Are There Any Solutions Besides Vitrase That Might Speed Up the Breakdown of Juvederm Ultra Plus? Thank You.

I had 3 syringes of Juvederm Ultra Plus injected into my cheeks. The immediate results looked good, but 3 weeks later I am left with a spongy swollen... READ MORE

IPL and Juverderm Treatment?

5 weeks ago I had Juverderm injected under my eyes followed by a IPL treatment. I now have swelling under my eyes on my cheekbone that look like half... READ MORE

I have had juvederm injected in my upper lip 3 weeks ago and i dont like the result?

Im gonna get vitrase injected in my upper lip tomorrow. Will this affect my natural lip acid? READ MORE

Orange County Doctor That Uses Vitrase Needed - Orange County

I'm looking for a doctor/practitioner in Orange Country that uses brand vitrase to dissolve juverderm under the eyes. I had juv syringe (1) under... READ MORE

Why is my Face Still Swollen a Month After Vitrase Injections to Dissolve Juvaderm Ultra Plus?

I had 1.5 vials of Juvaderm Ultra Plus injected in cheeks 6 months ago.I wasn't happy with results and received multiple vitrase injections over a... READ MORE

Uncertain as to how I should manage my lip injections. Should I have more Vitrase injected? (Photo)

I had juvederm put in my lips in August. It was slightly uneven. I went in for a touch up. She over filled the smaller side and added more to the... READ MORE

How Many Vitrase Injections Would It Take to Dissolve 1.5 Vials of Juvaderm Ultra Plus?

I had 1.5 vials of Juvaderm Ultra Plus injected into my cheeks 6 months ago.Since that time I've had 5 Vitrase injections over 3 months in an attempt... READ MORE

How do I speed up dissolving of Juvederm injected to tear troughs? It was already injected with Vitrase & hyaluronidase (Photo)

After one round of Vitrase by original injector and hyaluronidase by another doctor, My left eye still looks very puffy and like a huge bag. How... READ MORE

Does Vitrase do more damage to skin and does it dissolve Juvederm evenly? (Photo)

Juvederm and botox 3 weeks ago my face has changed so much under eyes are indentation and dark I'm not happy READ MORE

Which one is better: Vitrase vs Hylenex? Why doctors choose to carry one over the other?

Has anyone experienced one to be better than the other in dissolving Juvederm Ultra Plus XC?(Hylenex vs Vitrase) I received 3 vials of Juvederm Ultra... READ MORE

Can Juvederm under eye cause permanent bags even after vitrase? Is there another option if it didn't work? (photo)

I had juvederm placed under my eyes 3 1/2 months ago. Immediately after, I had a large bulge under my L eye that looked like a bag. 2 1/2 mo. after, I... READ MORE

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