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Is Juvederm Good for a Horizontal Line Above Lip?

I am 28 years old. My skin is in good shape, aside form this one inch long horizontal line above my lip. I am not a smoker, it is definitely from my... READ MORE

Facial Swelling or Too Much Juvederm Nasolabial Folds and Lips?

I had open Rhinoplasty and Juvederm on the nasolabial folds and lips. I have thick skin and have had little bruising, and am recovering well 2 weeks... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Revertion Affect on Previous Aquamid on Lips? (photo)

I had 1sylinder of Juvederm injected on my top lip 4days ago after having 2sylinders of Aquamid 6-7 years ago.I had Radiesse put into my nasal lines... READ MORE

Juvederm or Radiesse for Lines Around Mouth?

Would you recommend Juvederm or Radiesse for lines around mouth, for bottom lip definition and lines between the nose and top lip?   READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected into my Lips and Have a Large Bump on my Top Lip. You Can SEE THE PRODUCT Under the Bump. (photo)

What Do I Do?About 3 weeks ago I got lip injections with the product Juvederm. I have a large bump on my top lip, left side. I've massaged it daily... READ MORE

Tender After 5 Weeks?

I had my top lip filled with just half a syringe of juvederm smile 5 weeks ago. I love the results, hardly any swelling or brusing!!! However the last... READ MORE

I want to get either Juvederm or Restylane. How many Syringes should I use for a full pouty look? (Photo)

My Top lip disappears when I smile and I want more volume to even it out with my bottom lip to make it look more edgy. I really love how Kylie... READ MORE

What filler or procedure would be most appropriate for me if I want to make my top lip a bit fuller/balanced? (photo)

I have thought about maybe getting juvederm filler for my top lip as I do not like the shape. Would juvederm work best? and would half a syringe... READ MORE

I had 1.5 ampoules of Juvederm injected in just my top lip 3 days ago. Can I have it reduced? (photo)

I now have a distinctively larger upper lip quite rubbery in appearance which shows no sign of abating. I'm really depressed as it's so obvious. I'd... READ MORE

Is this normal for juvederm lip injections? (Photo)

Last week I got juvaderm for the first time. Doctor's assistant did it, she said I already have a nice outline, she would just add some to the middle... READ MORE

Weird indentation above my top lip. Is this from juvederm or the hyuronidase? (Photo)

I got juvederm injections a couple weeks ago. It made my top lip stick out like a duck. I gave it about ten days then went in to have it disolved. The... READ MORE

Would juvederm help with the lines under my eyes?

I really am considering juvederm under under my eyes I have dark circles and some lines...Is this a good idea for me ? I am 23 I also want some in my... READ MORE

How much Juvederm would I need for my top lip only? (Photo)

My bottom lip is rather big compared to my top lip. I would just want the left and right sides of my top lip plumped up a bit and I assume a little... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for juvederm ultra cc? (Photo)

I am 25 years old and I haven't gotten any injections yet. As you can see in the picture, my bottom lip is pretty plumped but my top isn't. My main... READ MORE

Hi, I had Juvederm put into my top lip today. It's very subtle and I'm pleased. But I have a question...

One side is slightly fuller than the other. Will this possibly change in the next week or will I likely have to add a little more to make it even? I... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected into my top lip just last Friday and am still quite bruised, how much longer before the bruises subside?

I had Juvaderm injected into my top lip just this past Friday, the 1st of Nov. I noticed when I got home how bruised my lips were & quite... READ MORE

My Juvederm bump won't go away, its been 1 year! What can I do?

I had juvederm done 1 year ago, and when I got it done I noticed a bump on the bottom of my top lip which was affecting my smile in covering some of... READ MORE

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