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How Long After Juvederm Should I Wait Before Having Other Facial Treatments?

How long after having Juvederm can one have IPL, Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion without it effecting the juvederm? Thanks READ MORE

Re-injecting Filler or Botox After Hyaluronidase?

I had Juvederm injected into my tear trough area. The results were horrible, so after a month, my doctor injected the Hyaluronidase to break it down.... READ MORE

How Long After Juvederm and Botox Can I Use Retin-A Micro?

I started using Retin-A Micro 24 hrs after juvederm and Botox in my face. Can this degrade or move the product? Can it affect it in any other way?... READ MORE

Voluma Juvederm for Cheeks. Is it Harmful to Do Another Round in a Month? (photo)

Hello, I just had 1 threatment with Juvederm Voluma last week with 1.0 cc per cheek (so 2.0 cc in totall for both cheeks), in the beginning on the... READ MORE

After 3 months after lip fillers, Juvederm ultra- how long before I can have my lips done again? (photo)

My nurse told me I can't have them done again while December, do you think I should leave them a couple of months, before I ask again , she explained... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have Juvederm Re-done over Same Area?

Had Juvederm done 8 days ago above my upper lip and smile lines. I repeatedly told my Doctor that I wanted to have the lines above my mouth filled... READ MORE

Fraxel restore after juverderm

Hello,     Had Juverderm 3 weeks ago on my labionasals. Developed some necrosis on one side. The infection is gone and what remains is... READ MORE

How soon after Juvederm lip filler can I have it dissolved?

I had my lips filled 2 days ago and I hate the result. I know it is recommended to wait 1-2 weeks for the final result. However, I feel like the... READ MORE

Is it safe to combine Juvederm and Restylane in the same area?

Is there any risk in having both Juvederm and Restylane injected in the same area? There would only be a few weeks between the injections of Juvederm... READ MORE

Is there a waiting period between receiving Botox and fillers before I can receive High Frequency, Microderm or Chemical peels?

I am an Esthetics student and am required to give and receive the 3 mentioned treatments. I would only receive one of each and each about a month... READ MORE

How long do I have wait after having Juvederm in lips before having a lip lowering procedure then fat transfer to lips?

I had Juvederm placed in my lips just over 3 months ago and now wish to have fat grafting to my lips as a more permanent solution. I am also planning... READ MORE

Sculptra after Juvederm?

I've done juvederm injection about a week ago, but now I want to have sculptra injuection in the same area, is it safe to do these two injections so... READ MORE

When is the right time to get a proper rhinoplasty after using Juvederm Ultra?

I had Juvederm Ultra to enhance my nose- I really like the result and I decided that I want it to be permanent. Can I just ask the doctor to dissolve... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Juvederm to the lips 2 weeks after breast augmentation revision?

I had breast augmentation revision 2 weeks ago. Is it safe to have juvederm injections to the lips 2 weeks after the surgery date? I typically have... READ MORE

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