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How Can Juvederm Be Removed?

Recently had Juvederm for cheek enhancement, done in an effort to correct the undereye hollowness and nasolabial folds. Unfortunately, the filler... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Prevent the Worst Folds?

I'm 25 years old and I can see the folds on my face when I smile. If I stay getting Juvederm, can this prevent future folds on my face? READ MORE

Horizontal Line Under my Nose After Lip Filler? (photo)

I had lip filler injected, since then everytime I smile I get a deep horizontal line above my upper lip, underneath my nose. It's very noticeable and... READ MORE

Weird Smile After Juvederm Injections

8 months ago I got Juvederm for smile lines. On day 2 I saw when I smiled I had new lines, like a joker smile. Doctor said after the product settled... READ MORE

Lumps Above Lip After Filler Injected Months Ago; Scar Tissue? Can It Be Fixed?

 I have a lump on each side of my top lip..the one on the left is VERY visible & ugly. I had Juvederm for the first time several months ago.... READ MORE

Crooked Smile 8 Days After Juvederm in Nasolabial Folds, Why Would this Happen?

I had Juvederm in my nasolabial folds, and it looked great - hardly any swelling, no bruising, very natural look. I have a picture taken exactly 48... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Fill in the Loss of Lower or Upper Orbital Fat?

I was hit with a baseball when I was younger and the resulting trauma caused an eventual loss of upper and lower orbital fat. This is most apparent... READ MORE

Upper Teeth Do Not Show with Smile After Juvederm Only to Nasolabial Folds and Oralcomissures?

Ihad juvederm only injected to both nasolabials and oral comisures by injector I have used for years. That night I had a deep bruise to right... READ MORE

Depressed over juvederm lip injections?

I got Juvederm on my lips on Monday and I went back to the dr. today (wednesday) to remove it. She insisted I wait the full 7 days. I don't look like... READ MORE

Is there any other option than Hyaluronidase to immediately reverse botched Juverderm injections to the lip?

I've been reading feedback on this site on Hyaluronidase to reverse botched filler jobs. Now I am extremely concerned. My lips are disfigured, w/deep... READ MORE

Can nasolabial fillers be distorting my nose and smile? (photo)

I have had Juvederm applied in my nasolabial areas three times, once a year for the past three years. The last time I had it done I noticed my... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Juvederm, my bottom lip sags a lot on one side. Is this normal? (photo)

I had 1 syringe of juvaderm in top and bottom lip 3 weeks ago. My bottom lip sags a lot on one side. I had a minimal amount placed in the bottom lip.... READ MORE

Should I get my Juvederm dissolved? I can't smile normally.

Dear Doctor, I recently had Juvederm in my lips and in my nasolabial folds. I wish I had never had anything done! My naturally big smile is now... READ MORE

Why can't I smile after mid face lift and neck surgery?

I had juvederm filler injected in the creases above upper lip and botox at sides of mouth a month ago. I cannot smile to show my top teeth as i used... READ MORE

Lopsided mouth/smile - My mouth is lopsided and only smiles on one side after Juvadem injections.

My mouth is lopsided and only smiles on one side after Juvadem injections. I see a lot of women on this site who have the same or similar issue and... READ MORE

Will Juvaderm help my chin? (photo)

My chin wrinkles and looks like a slight cleft chin when I smile, feeling my chin I can tell there is an indent in the center, please help READ MORE

Bunching over top lip when smile a year after Juvederm? (photos)

I had juvederm for the 1st time a year ago to plump up my thin lips. I never went back and a year later there is still a weird curling/bunching at the... READ MORE

Numbness over one year after receiving Juvederm and Botox injection. Could the needles have caused this?

I received a Juvederm injection in November, 2014. Since then I feel a numbness from my right jaw to the top of my right cheek. My smile also does not... READ MORE

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