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Juvederm or Radiesse for Temporary Scar Filler?

Hello! Needing some advice regarding a depressed scar on the side of chin. I would like to start off with a temporary filler and see how the results... READ MORE

Can You Fill a Facial Scar with Juvederm?

Can you fill a facial scar in with juvederm? This has been a question that gets both a yes and no answer, Some clarity please. READ MORE

Deep Scar on Cheek from Spider Bite - Would Juvederm Help?

I was bitten by a brown recluse spider on my cheek and have a deep scar. I have had laser therapy six times but the scar still remains. What would you... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injection to Correct a Depressed Acne Scar on my Chin. How Long Will It Last? (photo)

I had a juvederrm injection to raise a depressed scar after a cystic acne on my chin. How long will it last? Do you suggest scar excision? READ MORE

Is Juvederm Used on Scars ?

Hi there, I had a great experience with Juvederm for my hollow eyes and I had a very old scar which looks like a white fine line caused by a minor... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Ultra Plus Cause Hyperpigmented Marks?

If I am prone to hyperpigmentation, will Juvederm Ultra Plus leave dark marks on my skin? I have had hyperpigmentation problems from laser treatments... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Be Injected Inside the Mouth?

After years of multiple injections such as Juvederm, can the needles cause scarring similar to icepick scars? Does it depend on the way it is... READ MORE

What can I do about the deep scar between my eyes?

I have an indented scar from trauma that runs horizontally between my eyes. It makes me self conscious since I am young. A doctor once told me that... READ MORE

Juvederm and Red Scars?

Its been 24 hours since my juvederm injections and i have red scars.. it looks like someone took a red marker and drew lines down my nasal folds.. how... READ MORE

Juvederm for Facial Suburn Scars?

I was severly sunburned when I was young and what I thought were wrinkles are scars from blistering. Will Juvederm help for these scars? READ MORE

Is There Hope if Dr Hits Your Scar with Needle While Injecting Juvederm?

I recently had Dr inject scar with juvederm and he hit scar, Scar raised and looks like it pushed fibrous scar tissue off scar line, Is there hope? READ MORE

Is there a risk of blindness when someone is injected with Juvederm for scar on the nose?

Is there a risk of blindness when injected with juvederm for scar on nose in READ MORE

Is the Juvederm injection site infected? (Photo)

I had juviderm Friday by Saturday I had a pretty black bruise, by Sunday night it had lots and lots of little pus pockets on the bruise and I went to... READ MORE

I need help on this Juvederm injection site. Is it going to scar? (Photo)

I got juviderm in my smile lines on Friday small bruise on Saturday by Sunday night little white pus pockets that almost look like tiny white heads... READ MORE

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