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Bulging Under Eye After Juvederm Injection in Cheeks /Botox in Brows

I had an immediate reaction of swelling in the left tear trough area after Juvederm injection to my cheek and Botox to eye brows. There was a small... READ MORE

Does a Bacterial Infection Look Similar to Herpes on the Face?

I went in to have juvederm for the first time and I had a terrible reaction that followed. I had white little pimples and redness of the skin all... READ MORE

Reaction to Numbing Cream

1cc Juvederm from Plastic Surgeon in my Lips on 11/9 (Received Numbing Cream W/epinephrine and Dental Block Beforehand) (had reaction to cream:... READ MORE

I Think my Skin is Trying to Slough from Juvederm 5 Days Ago. What Can I Do?

Severe bruising and tissue inside of bruise is very flaky and seems to be weeping a little fluid. Is this the beginning of necrosis? I'm really... READ MORE

Can Radiesse and Juvederm React Badly when Placed in the Same Spot?

Would like to know if juvaderm and radiesse would interact badly if they were injected into the same plane. If by accident this happened because I... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Bad Reaction to Juvederm?

I had Juvederm done April 20th and was quite happy with it.. Last week all the areas where i had the injections have swelled up and no i have a number... READ MORE

Had juvaderm injected into cheeks two months ago. Swelling under the eyes What other steps can I take? (Photo)

Had juvaderm injected into cheecks two months ago. Experienced extreme swelling under the eyes. Dr has been injecting small doses of cortisone under... READ MORE

Possible Bad Reaction to Numbing Cream After Topical Application for Juvederm Injections? (photo)

Hi, about 3 weeks ago I have juvederm injected in lips and marionette lines. The nurse put a lot of topical numbing cream on my face and around the... READ MORE

Can an Emergency Room Do Anything About Severe Swelling from Juvederm Injections?

I have severe swelling after juvederm injections in the corners of my mouth and my upper lip done at a clinic, 4 the 1 time. iced on and off since the... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Cause Any Reactions or Problems if I've Been Diagnosed with Trigeminal Neualgia & I Am Taking Carbamazepine?

Can Juvederm Cause Any Reactions or Problems if I've Been Diagnosed with Trigeminal Neualgia & I Am Taking Carbamazepine? READ MORE

After Being Injected with Juvederm I Cannot Stand the Heat and I Get Red. Why?

I have been injected with fillers around the nasolabial lines for more than five years.This time was different as I had a broken vein and I seem to... READ MORE

Juvederm Reaction, What Can It Be?

I had Juvederm Ultra 4 injected in cheeks about 3months ago. First 3weeks I was fine. But one day after I had eaten much carbs my cheeks began to get... READ MORE

Strong Reaction to Juvederm Light Under One Eye

I had a very strong reaction to Juvederm under one eye, other than benadryl and ice what should I do? And how long does it last? READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have A Stiff Neck from Juvederm For Several Months? What Caused It?

I had Juvederm injected on my face. 2 day's later I had a stiff neck & headache which lasted for 3 months. I felt ill also. Why would the... READ MORE

My question is regarding a possible allergic reaction to Juvederm after having had Radiesse years earlier (Photo)

On 1-28 I got 2 syringes juvaderm ultra to fill lines between nose and mouth, immediately I experienced nearly passing out, after coming to my face... READ MORE

Juvederm Reaction - When Will This Go Away?

I had Juvaderm fillers in late July and an early Ausgut touch up of 2011. Within a few weeks I had a reaction on both sides of my face at the... READ MORE

Is there anything I can about a bad reaction to Juvederm?

HI I had Botox and then Juvederm almost two months ago, but ever since having these two procedures I am as sick as a dog, I have night sweats,my lips... READ MORE

Dysport verses juvederm - Reactions?

About a year ago I had Dysport injected in forehead and got terrible reaction. I would like to get Juvederm around my lips and mouth. Please advise READ MORE

Hello everyone. Would you recommend a Patch test for Juvederm in the lips? What if I have an allergic reaction?

I have been considering lip fillers for a very long time. Mainly it's my upper lip that bothers me. I went to lots of consultation and decided to go... READ MORE

What is going on with my lips after dermal fillers? (Photo)

I had dermal fillers in the bahamas 24 h ago and is looking really really bad, I've had juvederm several times before and never reacted like this, she... READ MORE

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