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Rash and Blisters on Skin Above Upper Lip After Juvederm Injections?

On the 4th day after my Juvederm injections for my lips, there appeared a rash and some small blisters on the skin above my upper lip. Two of the... READ MORE

Is the Herpes Diagnosis Being Used by Docs to Cover Up a Cross Contamination Infection?

I recently went to a "new" place for juvederm injections. I had juvederm before, but not at this place. I called the doc a few days later to... READ MORE

Blotchy rash near (not on) injection site after Juvederm (Photo)

I received an injection of Juverderm yesterday. The left side of my top lip required more of the syringe than the right side. Now, my right side has... READ MORE

I still have a rash on the inside of my upper lip 3 weeks after Juvederm filler. What should I do?

Went in to get lip injection and like my results a week later notice that there were a rash inside upper lip small rash with a few small bumps don't... READ MORE

What is "cytotoxic dermatitis with Eosinophils" biopsied from rash on lower legs and will it effect me having Juvederm in face?

I was in the medical field (phlebotomist, med ted) for years in the 70 and 80's, and was diagnosed with Hep C 12 years ago. I just had a liver biopsy... READ MORE

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