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Juvederm Lips

The juvederm tv ad shows it used for around the mouth, so what would it be like to get juvederm in lips to give me plumper lips? READ MORE

Juvederm Lip Injections - 3 Days Later, Barely a Difference?

I had my lips injected with 1 syringe of Juvederm last Thursday. I thought it looked great! 3 days later and my lips look hardly any different than... READ MORE

How is Juvederm Used on Under Eye Bags?

I have bags under my eyes, mostly hereditary, and want to try Juvederm to reduce their appearance. Is this typically done by smoothing out and... READ MORE

What to Do with Bluish Tint and Puffy Bags Below Eyes After Juvederm?

I had Juvederm and botox injection 4 weeks ago and I'm still suffering from a bluish tint under the eyes. The bags ARE HUGE now and I look like a... READ MORE

Can Facial Hemosiderin Stain Become Permanent?

Got juvederm by my smile line and somehow the Dr hit a nerve or overfilled and cut off blood to one side of my nasal/cheek area and left it with deep... READ MORE

How Often Should I Get Juverderm Treatments for Frown Lines?

I am 31 and I am beginning to see frown lines. Once I start getting Jeverderm treatments, how often should I get them? Is there a health risk to... READ MORE

What Filler is Better Than Juvederm to Fix Dent on Cheek?

I fainted from a standing position and hit the left side of my face. I had Juvederm but the dent is still there and my cheek looks fatter on that side... READ MORE

After Juvederm, Top Lip Developed Little Saggy Flaps - Is This Normal?

I recently had Juvederm injected (0.5CC) (5 days ago) as I wanted a fuller top lip, the sides were quite thin. The swelling has gone down but the lips... READ MORE

Will Juvederm Last Longer Than Radiance?

What's the difference between Juvederm, Restylane and Radiance? I have had a few injections of the Radiance (4 times) and it did not last more than 3... READ MORE

Juvederm Injection Left Pillows and Indents - What Should I Do?

Juvaderm injected under orbital rim three weeks ago. I have pillow like lumps under the orbital rim with very evident indents ( not shadows) under the... READ MORE

What should I do? Juvederm in my Lips Having Issues 15 Months Later

OnJan 10, 2011 I visited a PS. He used 2 syringes Juvederm in my lips and a little in folds around mouth. I didn't like the unevenness that I saw... READ MORE

Does Juvederm Ever Leak from the Injection Site?

I had Juvederm injected in my lips yesterday and this morning one of the injection sites was painful. When I washed my face it bled a tiny bit so I... READ MORE

44 Years Old Considering Juvederm for Parentheses: What Results Can I Expect?

My parenthesis are noticeable and definitely age me, how much of a reduction can I expect by having this procedure done? READ MORE

Does Scar Tissue Develop over Juvederm

I had juvederm in my nose under a month after Rhinoplasty to correct a dip where scar tissue hadnt formed correctly. My Plastic surgeon said hopefully... READ MORE

1 Year Post Juvederm: New Under Eye Wrinkles - Is This Common?

I never had these wrinkles before and my physician is trying to tell me they are from my reading glasses which is totally untrue. Why under one eye? I... READ MORE

Removing Discoloration After Juvederm Injection on Darker Skin?

Hello, I received a Juvederm injection under my eyes 3 weeks ago. One week later, I noted a perpetual blue-brown pooling/circle like ring around one... READ MORE

Can Sculptra and Juvaderm Be Injected in Face on Different Locations?

My doctor told me that i can't be injected now with sculptra because i have been recently injected with Juvederm. My doctor told i have to wait... READ MORE

Juvederm 24 Injected in Lips and Still There After 3 Years

Dear doctors, i had my lips injected with juvederm 24 when i was 23, the doctor told me that it will go away within a year max but its been 3 years... READ MORE

Is There a Product Similar to Juvederm, but Longer Lasting for Sensitive Skin?

I am very athletic, running up to six miles everyday. My skin is also very pale and prone to bruising. Sensitive, thin skin has been a major problem... READ MORE

Would Having Juvederm, or Another Filler, Injected into my Upper Cheeks Take Care of These Wrinkles?

I tried Botox to take care of these wrinkles (animated, they only appear when I'm smiling and almost completely vanish when my face is still). I... READ MORE

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