1 Week Post-op + Juvederm

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How Long Does It Take for Juvederm to Settle in? Mine Looks Awful 5 Days Post Injection!.

I had the injections friday and bruised slightly at injectin sites. i think too much product has been injected as the corner of one eye is really... READ MORE

Bulging Under Eye After Juvederm Injection in Cheeks /Botox in Brows

I had an immediate reaction of swelling in the left tear trough area after Juvederm injection to my cheek and Botox to eye brows. There was a small... READ MORE

Dealing with the Aftermath of Juvederm

On Monday I put Juvederm in my bottom lip.The nxtday my lip was black&blue inside&VERY swollen on the bottom right. I took vitaminE... READ MORE

Is Numbness After Juvederm Treatment Normal?

I had juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips 9 days ago. The swelling is gone now but I am still numb on the right side of both my upper and... READ MORE

Under Eye Pillows After Juvederm Injection? (photo)

My doctor (who is very skilled and is and ENT/facial plastic surgeon) injected juvederm in my tear trough area 6 days ago but it doesn't look quite as... READ MORE

Will my Under Eye Bruise After Juvederm Become a Hemosiderin Stain? (photo)

I had Juvederm XC injected in my "tear trough" area for under eye hollows 9 days ago, and i still have a sever bruise under my left eye. It... READ MORE

Lower Lip Bump Inside Mouth After Juvederm, What Can I do? (photo)

I have one large bump inside my lower lip after juvaderm injection 10 days ago. when i initially became concerned I asked the doctor and she said it... READ MORE

Complications After Juvederm to Tear Troughs? (photo)

Had a little juvederm injected tear troughs a week ago. (Board certified plastic surgeon) It's different each day: tear troughs gone, raised areas w/... READ MORE

Rash and Blisters on Skin Above Upper Lip After Juvederm Injections?

On the 4th day after my Juvederm injections for my lips, there appeared a rash and some small blisters on the skin above my upper lip. Two of the... READ MORE

Lip Asymmetry and Unevenness After Juvederm

I had Juvederm injected into my lips a week ago. One side of lip is raised and thin while the other side is down and full. Is this swelling? Can the... READ MORE

I had a juviderm injection about a week ago and now there is one fluid like bage above each of my cheek bone. (photo)

I had a juviderm injection about a week ago and now there is one fluid like bage above each of my cheek bone. I am adding my pre and post photos so... READ MORE

Swelling Above Lip After Juvederm in Nasolabial Fold, Is This Normal? (photo)

Hi I got 1cc of Juvederm in each nasolabial fold 5 days ago. I bruised a bit on the left side but have noticed that I have puffiness on each side... READ MORE

Uneven swelling 5 days after lip injection. Is this normal? (photos)

I had juvederm put in my lips Wednesday, 5 days ago, and I still have uneven swelling. I can't tell if it's swelling or product or a hemotoma. Is... READ MORE

6 Days Post Juvederm Lip Injections. I Can See These Clear Pockets/lumps on the Inside of my Lips. Is This Just Swelling?

My doctor's front desk lady told me this is completely normal. The more the swelling goes down, the more I can see these horrible lumps. But my... READ MORE

8 Days Post Juvederm. Still Swollen or Just Overfilled? (photo)

I'm 45 & 8 days ago, when on holiday, I decided to plump my lips a little as my top lip is very thin. I bled & had bruising, particularly to... READ MORE

Pillows Under Eyes After Juvederm, What are My Options for Fixing this? (photo)

I have had Juvederm injected under my eyes 6 days ago to fill in the hollowness. Approx. 5 hours after the injection I saw visible pillows (half moon... READ MORE

Facial Numbness and Exquisite Throbbing Pain 5 Days Post Juvederm Ultra Plus in Cheeks?

When the PS injected the lido/epi I felt an electric shock going down my face suddenly when he injected the cheek area. Now 5 days post Juvederm Ultra... READ MORE

Juvederm in both cheeks about a week ago and I had these fluid like bags above my lateral cheeks from the day after. (Photo)

I had a juviderm injection in both cheeks about a week ago and i had these fluid like bags above my lateral cheeks from the day after. I am adding my... READ MORE

Lip Fillers Gone Wrong?

I had jevederm lip injections 1 weeks ago and have been left with pea sized hard lumps in my lips and underneath/at the back of them. Will they go? do... READ MORE

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