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Can I Get a Chemical Peel After IPL?

How soon after I get an IPL Photofacial can I get a peel done? And what kind of peel would you recommend? I just got an IPL done 2 days ago and am... READ MORE

Should I Stop Retin-A Treatment Before Having IPL?

Should I stop Retin-A before an IPL? When? Also, how long do I have to wait to resume using Retin-A after my IPL? Any other recommended preparation... READ MORE

IPL Treatment After Accutane?

I was on low dose Accutane for 7 weeks (daily for 5 weeks, 3x/week for 2weeks). My dermatologist told me I could have an IPL treatment after 3 weeks... READ MORE

Is 4 weeks long enough between ipl "treatments"?

I had IPL done once and liked it and then exactly 4 weeks later had it done again. The pain was worse the second time and I noticed, after about one... READ MORE

Timing Between IPL and Microdermabrasion

Hello... I am doing IPL to treat my rosacea, high pigmentation, sun and pregnancy spots. I also want to get microdermabrasion to achieve better... READ MORE

How Long After Accutane Can I Get IPL? Is 8 Months Ok?

I eventually was on 60mg for 6 months (started on 20mg and built my way up). I am now off Accutane for 8 months. Is IPL ok to have done now? Thank you! READ MORE

Is It Ok to Get a DermaPen Treatment Followed by an Elos IPL Fotofacial 10 Days Later?

I just want to make sure I am getting the right advice on these treatments. Is 10 days in between enough time to heal? Going forward, the treatment... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Wait Longer Than 4 Weeks Between Ipl Sessions?

Is it ok to wait longer than 4 weeks between ipl sessions. I have already had 2 sessions 4-5 weeks apart, and am pleased to say there is 80% reduction... READ MORE

How to overcome redness, swelling, itchy and dry skin after IPL sessions? Can we do IPL once a week? (Photo)

On the first treatment, my skin become red and swelling, I can feel my calf burn from inside. on the second week, i told the beautician about my... READ MORE

How soon after IPL crusting, blistering and premature skin removal should I wait before having a lightening facial or peel?

I'm between a skin type 3 and 4 and I recently had an IPL treatment where I crusted, blistered and peeled and was inflamed for 2 weeks. My skin was... READ MORE

Microlaser Peel After IPL Treatments?

Is it ok to to get IPL done on me FIRST and then get Microlaser peel (40 micron) few weeks later? READ MORE

GentleWaves - how many treatments and how often?

Putting cost aside, is there a reason to limit the frequency and total number of GentleWaves LED treatments. Or asked another way: Any reason not to... READ MORE

Is it safe to have an IPL treatment prior to liposuction?

I started IPL treatments but will be having a mommy makeover soon. My next treatment will be a couple days before surgery. The treatment area in... READ MORE

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