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Is It Safe to Get IPL Treatments when Pregnant?

I just found out that I'm about 5 to 6 weeks pregnant. I have an IPL session scheduled, for my face, in 2 weeks. I am mainly having it done for sun... READ MORE

IPL Laser Risks & Safety

Is there any chance of IPL causing skin cancer or other problems in 10 or 15 years? READ MORE

Is IPL Home Device for Hair Removal Safe for the Skin?

If sun and UV are dangerous and can cause skin cancer, why the Intense Pulsed Light is safe. Thank you in advance Evi READ MORE

Is It Safe to Operate IPL Equipment During Pregnancy??

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I work for a doctor. I operate IPL equipment I do not want to tell them I'm pregnant until I can confirm heart tones on an... READ MORE

Is IPL Treatment Safe?

What number should the heat level be for IPL treatment? Is it safe? Does the heat effect dental fillings? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use IPL on Bikini Area?

Can IPL be used on sensitive body areas such as bikini area for hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

IPL Photofacial and Lupus (S.L.E). Safe?

I have SLE (still taking a lot of meds). Is IPL Photofacial safe for me? READ MORE

IPL for Dark Freckles Under Eye - Is It Safe?

I have had a test patch done on my face for IPL for freckles on my face, I have fair freckly skin and sensitive around cheek area, I have three dark... READ MORE

IPL Photofacial Safe?

I just got my first treatment of an IPL photofacial. So far my skin looks healthier and more even toned. I am 25 years old and for the most part my... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have IPL with Titanium Facial Implant?

I have a Titanium implant in my face (orbital). Is it okay to have an IPL (Photofacial) treatment with this? READ MORE

Is Photo Genesis a Dangerous Skin Treatment?

I heard that people had lots of complications and side effects from Photo Genesis. Is this a safe procedure or not? READ MORE

Blacked out Plastic Goggles As Safe As Metal Goggles for IPL Facial Treatments?

Hi. I meant to ask this in a previous question but forgot. I had an IPL (Palomar Starlux) treatment on my face. They provided me with blacked out... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Home Hair Removal Ipl Face and Body Aplicators if They Are Not Fda Aproved?

Is It Safe to Use Home Hair Removal Ipl  Face and Body Aplicators if They Are Not Fda Aproved? READ MORE

IPL Treatment- Taking Filter off for More Intense Treatment?

I just had my first IPL treatment, and the esthetician who did the treatment said she would take off the filter for my next two treatments, because... READ MORE

Are Hair Removal IPL Devices Made for Use at Home Safe and Effective?

Hello! I was thinking of buying a for-home IPL .I'm in doubt now.After reading an ad of one of IPL devices, mentioning that it must be repeated but... READ MORE

Is IPL Safe for Patients with Mild Multiple Sclerosis?

I have a mild form of multiple sclerosis, can I have IPL treatment for the face? Is it safe ? Will a salon or company offering IPL treatments let me... READ MORE

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