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IPL Recovery: Has Skin Picking Caused Damage?

I have light olive Asian skin and just got my IPL treatment 1.5 days ago. No serious reactions yet, just slight flaking. My brown spots and freckles... READ MORE

What to Expect After IPL Hair Removal on Legs?

Hi I had my first IPL session on full legs three days ago, prior to that I had a patch test. I was alright for the first day but now I have red... READ MORE

I have itchy red bumps on my legs after IPL. Is there any way this can be improved? (photos)

Hi ive just done my 3rd treatment on my lower legs 2 days ago, and now my whole legs are covered on red itchy bumps, similar to rash. im afraid they... READ MORE

I have PIH from a burn, cannot use hydroquinone or lytera. What would you recommend? (photo)

Had a burn onbmy face from IPL laser a month ago. i refuse to live for years with it. it is btw brown and red. based on the picture is it Dermal or... READ MORE

Severe skin damage and wrinkles after IPL?

I m 26, caucasian, with flat brown and red acne scars. I was reading into IPL treatments, but have come across many people who have had the treatments... READ MORE

Why does IPL sometimes result in more burst blood vessels?

My IPL (Fitz Type II almost III, Sciton Profile, 560 filter, 18j w/adapter, cool 25, no pw noted, and 515 filter for pigment, 14j, no adapter, Pw20,... READ MORE

Why do you see bright flashes of red during IPL treatment of the face even with complete blackout eye protection?

I had IPL treatment on my face with black out eye goggles covering my eyes and my eyes closed underneath. I found it odd that with each flash I could... READ MORE

Can IPL weaken the veins? I have red bruising on the treated areas a week or two after treatment that I never got there before.

I have eczema and received successful treatment for broken veins on my face and chest twice by a nurse in my dermatologists clinic. My arms have... READ MORE

I used hidroquinone on PIH after IPL laser burn. Two days later I'm very red. How do I minimize the chances of making PIH worse?

I had a laser burn 1.5 months ago. i used lumixyl, elure, neocutis. tried triluma 2 nights ago and it caused the area to become very red. how do i... READ MORE

3 weeks after IPL laser on face for rosacea. Is this normal?

I had laser 3 weeks ago for rosacea and it did help some, but now my face is starting to burn and more red than before i had it done. It feels like a... READ MORE

IPL effectiveness after 2 treatments?

I have acne and red post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks that I was hoping to treat with IPL. My first session had no effect whatsoever. I am... READ MORE

Skin lupus - did this happen because of the IPL?

I had lpl on my face and within a week my forehead developed a red blotch that was getting larger and l developed red blotches on my cheek and between... READ MORE

I did 3 days later, my chest has persistent red and brown markings and is starting to peel. Is this normal?

I am fitzpatrick 1 or 2. This is my second IPL treatment. The first IPL I did, I was red for 24 hrs, within a week I had some pigmentation around the... READ MORE

Is IPL or laser treatments safe when you have cheek implants?

I have cheek implants And I am interested in getting IPL or a laser treatment for acne marks I have on my cheeks. I do not have any acne scarring but... READ MORE

I Had my First IPL 4 Days Ago, Why Haven't All of my Freckles Darkened Post IPL? Why Are Some Red?

I had my first IPL 4 days ago and as expected some of my freckles darkened, however some have not. Why happens to these? Also, some are red (raw). Is... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Help Scars from a Bad Reaction to IPL That I Got Very Recently?

I had a course of IPL and after the 3rd treatment 3 weeks ago when the level was turned up afterwards I have red indentations all over my cheeks and... READ MORE

Fitzspatrick skin type 3 Dark patches/burns post IPL Photo rejuvenation - will they fade? (photo)

I had IPL Photo rejuvenation to my forearms and hands. Immediately after treatment I noticed redish patches. Within a few hours they became darker.... READ MORE

I received IPL today at a skin clinic. I now have red blocks/stripes on my arm. Is this normal? (photos)

Today I opted to have IPL on my arm to treat a one year old scar. I had a patch test 3 weeks ago and everything went well. Today when I went in for my... READ MORE

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