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IPL Marks Permanent?

One of my friends had her arms treated with IPL, and she had marks all over the area after the treatment. The marks were itching for 4 days and were... READ MORE

I Have Rectangular Markings 3 Days Post-IPL on Chest/Neck. How Can I Heal Quickly?

I am terrified that I will have permanent marks after reading many horror stories. I've had this done before (2 years ago)and didn't have the... READ MORE

I have white marks after an IPL treatment, will they go away? (photo)

I had my 4th session of ipl after after thetreatment my skinned went brown i apploed bactroban and silver gel after the brown marks flaked off i am... READ MORE

Would this scar heel as it is caused by IPL laser hair removal? (photos)

Hi I have had ipl laser treatment done and the following day I realise there was a mark on my skin, it was also swollen now the swelling has gone down... READ MORE

I have marks & texture w/ indentations I have received since having an IPL treatment. Is there a way to get rid of them? (photo)

I recently had ipl for the first time. It's been just over a mouth since I had my treatment and I seem to have rectangular marks all over my forehead... READ MORE

Will my beauty marks/sun spots return after my IPL photofacial treatments? (Photo)

I have only got one treatment done so far and they faded a lot! I have three more sessions to go. I am planning on doing all three this month (march)... READ MORE

Will I have permanent marks on face after having done my IPL Hair removal treatment today? (photos)

I had my second IPL session treatment today done on my facial cheeks and ended up with a burning left cheek for over an hour. I believe the tech had... READ MORE

I did 3 days later, my chest has persistent red and brown markings and is starting to peel. Is this normal?

I am fitzpatrick 1 or 2. This is my second IPL treatment. The first IPL I did, I was red for 24 hrs, within a week I had some pigmentation around the... READ MORE

No Pigmentation Marks After IPL Treatment Normal?

I just had an IPL laser treatment done to me today but i haven't experienced any sign of pigmentation marks or "coffee grinds"? Is that normal? did... READ MORE

A week ago I had my first IPL treatment on my lower legs. Since then had scratch marks on my legs. Could these be burns? (Photo)

I have a pretty high pain threshold so during the IPL the treatment was bearable. . I am also on Lymecycline for acne but I discussed with... READ MORE

How long will it take to improve Hypopigmentation after IPL? Should I use something to treat it? (photo)

It's been 2.5 months since I have had IPL on my legs. I now have squares on my legs that are lighter in color. There was no burn involved. They seem... READ MORE

Is IPL a possible solution for discoloration to my face due to radiation therapy (cancer treatment)? (photos)

I have had radiation therapy for cutaneous t-cell lymphoma. It's been about 3 months and I still have marks under my eyes from where my radiation... READ MORE

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