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Is IPL Hair Removal Same As Laser Hair Removal?

Ive been using IPL treatments for hair removal. Is it the same as laser hair removal? I've had 6-7 IPL treatments and I can't really see any... READ MORE

I'd Like Doctors' Opinions About The Icon IPL Laser (Aka Starlux)

I went and saw a highly regarded derm in Boston, who listened thoughtfully to my concerns over my 41 yr old aging skin. I have problems with milia,... READ MORE

IPL or Laser by Medical Technician or Aesthetician?

Who Can Operate a Medical Devise Such As IPL or Laser? Can a Med Tech or Aestheticain Perform These Procedures? READ MORE

Best treatment options (surgical or non-surgical) for thin, crinkly under eye skin within orbital bone? (Photo)

Consulted with derms and surgeons that say issue is above orbital bone, can't inject fillers. I had filler put as close as possible to the bone,... READ MORE

Burned from IPL and left with a brownish/red mark under my eye - Which lasers will work best? (Photo)

I had a bbl burn THREE wks ago (the dr tried to treat a super black bruise under the eye). i blistered in a couple of areas and i am left with... READ MORE

Treatment options for IPL burn? How long before I can do some kind of laser to speed recovery?

Two weeks ago, my dr used ipl or bbl for a bruise under my eye. the bruise was so black that i got a burn with a couple of blisters (i did ipl before... READ MORE

IPL for rosacea? Will it work, or should I try a pulsed dye laser treatment?

I suffer from mild rosacea on my cheeks. Mild erythema, mild telangiectasia, a few small papules. Are IPL treatments with GSD3000 something that will... READ MORE

IPL or Laser? Which is better for treating photo-damaged/sun-damaged skin? (photos)

What is the most effective and safest way to treat sun damaged skin. Lots of hyper-pigmentation and redness from broken capillaries due to years of... READ MORE

Can IPL laser flatten scar tissue?

I have two very small pimple like scars on my chin that are slightly raised. They came from cystic pimples. They are very soft. Apparantly they are... READ MORE

I did 3 days later, my chest has persistent red and brown markings and is starting to peel. Is this normal?

I am fitzpatrick 1 or 2. This is my second IPL treatment. The first IPL I did, I was red for 24 hrs, within a week I had some pigmentation around the... READ MORE

Is IPL or laser treatments safe when you have cheek implants?

I have cheek implants And I am interested in getting IPL or a laser treatment for acne marks I have on my cheeks. I do not have any acne scarring but... READ MORE

Is there a limit for IPL/VBeam treatments?

If you have IPL or VBeam laser treatments to help with redness and brown marks, is there a limit to how many I should do? Will too many laser... READ MORE

What Does PG Stand For?

Does anyone know what PG is? I saw it on Ipl and fraxel laser support and would like to know what it is because there saying it helps the damage. READ MORE

Intense Pulsed Light Hyperpigmentation Scars 1 year after Treatment- Help

Hi There, I am mixed race female who had IPL hair removal on my legs over 18 months ago- to cut a long story short- I got burnt and have been left... READ MORE

Can I do IPL and Pixel Laser 2 weeks after having vampire facials?

I did 5 vampire facials, 2 weeks in between to restore the volume. Is it dangerous to do any laser after vampire prp facial? Thanks READ MORE

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