Dark Circles + IPL

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IPL for Dark Circles

I have these dark circles under my eyes and I am curious if ipl would fade them... And how long would the healing take so I could return to work.... READ MORE

IPL for Veins Around Eyes?

Just some background on the eyes: They were perfectly fine until 2006 Sept. when I started to develop very faint dark circles underneath my eyes. My... READ MORE

IPL Under Eyes to Reduce Dark Circles- Will Results Continue To Improve In First Week?

I had my first IPL therapy performed under my eyes to help reduce the apperance of dark circles. I can see dramatic improvement (day three. I was... READ MORE

Is IPL a Good Solution for Dark Circles in a Young Olive Complexion, Bi-racial (Black & Asian) Woman?

I am bi-racial (Black & Asian) and have had darck purple-ish circles under my eyes since I was a teen. I have a medium olive complexion. Would I... READ MORE

Will IPL Work to Treat my Eye Circles? (photo)

I'm a 32 year old male who has had these circles all my life. I am fit, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, take no medications, do not smoke, and... READ MORE

Eye Sensitivity from IPL?

While getting IPL for dark circles, I noticed that one zap above my eye caused a noticeable pain on the bone under my eyebrow. Since then (yesterday),... READ MORE

What would be the best way for me to get rid of hereditary dark circles? (photo)

I have had dark circles for as long as I can remember. (20+ years). I've tried many different things over the years and nothing has helped. I've been... READ MORE

I had an IPL treatment on Friday and I have dark circles on my face and chest. Can I exercise, and use sunscreen? (Photo)

I had an IPL treatment on Friday and I have dark circles on my face and chest. They seem superficial on my face and there is no pain associated with... READ MORE

Would IPL help lighten my under-eye circles? (photo)

I know IPL cannot help with fat loss that contributes to under-eye circles, but I'd like to know if my under-eye circles look like they might also be... READ MORE

Is It Safe for a 15 Year Old to Get IPL on Dark Circles?

I have hereditary dark circles, that are made worse because I have allergies and eczema/dry skin. I'm very sick and tired of having to wear heavy... READ MORE

IPL Laser treatment for hyperpigmentation (dark circles/raccoon eyes) after a Rhinoplasty? Middle Eastern decent

Hello, I'm 8 weeks post op and I have hyperpigmentation under my eyes. At my one month post op appointment I discussed this with my doctor and he... READ MORE

Is IPL or fractional laser resurfacing safe for my dark circles caused by destroyed capillaries? (Photo)

Since I was 7 I've been rubbing my eyes I have mfs which causes me to rub my eyes. I didn't have a problem with it since a few years ago when I... READ MORE

Purple/red dark circles - 25 year old red head male. (Photo)

Hello, I am a red haired, fair skinned 25 year old male. Had great skin up until 20 or 21 and then I started getting red, purple dark circles... READ MORE

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