3 Weeks Post-op + IPL

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I Got my IPL Done for Brown Spots and After 3week I Look Worse?

After 5 day IPL, brown spots fell off and turned to pink. A few days later pink area turn brown. Did I get burn from ILP.Should I continue with next... READ MORE

After Having Ipl I Have Small Lines Marks on my Face, Will They Fade?

Also on my left cheek i have a few small indents which i am hoping will go away, i had ipl 3 weeks ago, do you think these will heal or are here for... READ MORE

IPL Swelling After 3 Weeks?

3 weeks ago I experienced my 3rd IPL; face and neck. Concentrated area both lower cheeks to repair broken veins. Was swollen that evening. Next... READ MORE

Can IPL become ineffective for hyperpigmentation?

I had an IPL session 3 weeks ago at a new clinic. It was the first one over the last 12 months. I wanted to get rid of brown spots in my face.... READ MORE

Brown Sunken Capillaries After Ipl?

I had an IPL treatment two and a half weeks ago for some visible capillaries on my cheeks, one week after the treatment they turned brown, since then... READ MORE

Face is still red/pink 23 days after IPL.

I had an IPL treatment at my dermatologist's office (done by an RN) 23 days ago. I don't have a rosacea diagnosis but had a broken vein and cheeks... READ MORE

I have caucasian light skin, with burns from IPL. I had dark brown scars in this area! How long will they take to go away?

I am a 31 y.o I've been seen by a nurse not a doctor and I asked her if its helpful to do IPL for Keratosis Pilaris dark spots and pigments at my... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Help Scars from a Bad Reaction to IPL That I Got Very Recently?

I had a course of IPL and after the 3rd treatment 3 weeks ago when the level was turned up afterwards I have red indentations all over my cheeks and... READ MORE

IPL Treatments Side Effects. Does it Cause In-Grown Hair?

Im 33 fair skinned asian lady in UK. Skin patch test was ok+had my first treatment 3wks ago.I dont shave/wax facial hair.I use VEET/IMMAC above my lip... READ MORE

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