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Teeth Not Aligned to Bridge of Nose - Braces or Invisalign Better to Fix It?

My two front teet are jutting out and is slightly shifted to the left from the bridge of my nose. Which one is better for treating it, braces or... READ MORE

Bonding or Invisalign for Small Teeth with Spaces?

Hi I am 18 and I have smaller teeth than normal and spaces between them. I was wondering what I could do about it? I have had my two front teeth... READ MORE

Should Some Teeth Be Extracted Before Invisalign?

I am 29 years old. I've never had braces before. I am going to improve my front teeth which have some space and uneven. If I take Invisalign, do I... READ MORE

Uneven Bite After Invisalign

I Just Started Invisalign This Week and my Bite Seems to Be Moving to the Right--it Feels Uneven and I Am Worried. READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct Two Straight Teeth That Are Not the Same Length?

I have a 2 teeth that is shorter than the rest. Can Invisalign help correct this problem. Also, I do have a few crooked teeth and an overbite. I want... READ MORE

Can't Bit Down Properly Without Invisalign Aligners

Is it normal to not be able to bite down properly when the aligners are removed? I am on my second day of treatment and I notice the attachments to my... READ MORE

Bite off with Only 5 Weeks of Invisalign Treatment Left

I have 5 weeks (of a 20 week period) left on my Invisilign to correct two slightly protruding teeth (one upper, one lower). However, when I remove my... READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for Invisalign Express? (photo)

I did not have braces when I was younger because the dentist told my parents that I didn't need them. However I have a bit of crowding/unevenness... READ MORE

What Sort of Treatment is the Best for a Crooked Smile with Dental/facial Discrepancy? (photo)

Same as Tom Cruise, Im having a stressful time looking at my face, with an uneven smile. I have researched and came up with invisalign, but would this... READ MORE

Third Day of Invisalign. My Lips Are Bigger and It Doesn't Fit?

Hey Today is almost my third day of invisalign and I am noticing that my lips especially the upper one is much bigger because of the aligner and also... READ MORE

Will invisalign work with a bridge?

I am 30yrs old and my teeth have shifted to the left due to a missing molar. My bite is uneven and I have a small gap that nobody notices but bothers... READ MORE

Will anything help my teeth?

I am not happy with my teeth. my front two teeth on the top are not at the same level and the teeth around it have little gaps in them and my bottom... READ MORE

Can you switch between transitional braces and invisaligns? What makes one a candidate of invisaligns?

Hi. I've been wearing traditional braces but they are not finishing my teeth the way I feel they should, with the right bite on both sides. I do use... READ MORE

My smile is uneven. Will Invisalign help? (Photo)

I am very unhappy with my uneven smile and a tooth projecting out. I feel like my teeth resemble children's teeth. Will Invisalign help? READ MORE

Finished my Invisalign treatment & have gotten permanent retainers - unsatisfied with the result, can I still get veneers?

My teeth are straight after Invisalign but the length of some of the individual teeth and especially the top row is just SLIGHTLY uneven or pointy at... READ MORE

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