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I'm Getting the Radiance Clear Braces in a Couple Months. How Bad is It to Get Them on the Top and Bottom? (photo)

I don't want any metal braces in my mouth at all! I've included a picture of my teeth to give an idea of how my bite is as I know this is what... READ MORE

Can I Get Invisalign for Only my Top Teeth? (photo)

I am looking into Invisalign teen for myself because I want to straighten out my top teeth. As you can clearly see in the photo that my bottom teeth... READ MORE

Invisalign for Top Teeth Only?

My botton teeth are perfectly straight. Top teeth are crowded. Can I get Invisign for top teeth only ? READ MORE

Unsatisfied with Results, No Refinement Trays Offered by Doctor? (photo)

Paid £3,950 (~$6,300) for 12 trays Invisalign Lite in London. Feeling overcharged. I put ib the last tray in December. I am not happy with my upper... READ MORE

Length of Time and Cost of Invisalign Braces for Just the Top Half? (photo)

I'm only concerned about the top half of my teeth for straightening and all teeth are well aligned except the front right one. Is there a possible... READ MORE

Wait 30 Minutes Before Reinserting Invisalign?

I have Invisalign (express and top only) and read somewhere that you should wait 30 minutes after eating to brush and reinsert the liners. Is that... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Make my Teeth Perfect? (photo)

My bottom teeth are almost perfect but my top teeth need alot of help. My top left teeth are all eather in front or almost even with my bottom teeth.... READ MORE

I'm Not Happy with my Results of Invisalign?

I finished my Invisalign treatment of 22 sets I've paid about 6,000 dollars. But my top teeth are still not where I want them. I told my doctor but he... READ MORE

Can I Get Invisalign? Am I Even a POSSIBLE Candidate? (photo)

Hi Im a Junior in high school, and i have crowded/crooked teeth on the top and i want to get invisalign soon so that i can be done with the treatment... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Be Used on the Top Teeth While There is a Permanent Wire Retainer on the Bottom? (photo)

Like many, I failed to wear my retainer after braces. As a result, my top teeth have become crowded again. Can Invisalign treat the top, or would I... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work on my Teeth?

I got traditional braces, 18 months back. They've been removed, but the result was not exactly what I had expected. My upper teeth are slightly... READ MORE

IPR of 0.5mm. Is this noticeable when you smile?

I have been given my dental plan for my invisalign treatment which includes the use of IPR on each of my top teeth of 0.5mm. I am getting married in a... READ MORE

Can IPR be done to my top teeth? (Photo)

I am on my 10/14 aligners and I am not happy as to where my treatment is going. I had IPR done on my bottom teeth so that the bottom teeth can move... READ MORE

Do Vivera need to be worn on the top and bottom if only the top was treated?

My Invisalign treatment is just to close a gap in my top teeth. I have bottom trays that don't do anything. Will I need both top and bottom retainers... READ MORE

Will I be able to have my front teeth line up after invisalign? (Photo)

I am on my 7/14th aligner for invisalign(express). My dentist showed me the simulation which I was happy about. However, my top teeth won't be a... READ MORE

How can I fix my teeth? Will Invisalign help? The entire top is bad and I have an underbite. (Photo)

The entire top is really bad.. and i have an underbite. This has been really affecting my social life on how people see me smile or have conversations. READ MORE

I am having a lot of self trust issues and embarrassed to smile around people often. Am I a candidate for an Invisalign? (photo)

I need my smile to look good and clean. I am only worrying about the top for now. Would I be the perfect candidate for invisilign. Also I have trust... READ MORE

What are thoughts/opinions about crystalbraces? (photo)

I want staright upper teeth. I could care less about my bottoms. I can feel my teeth shift, ans sometimes its painful and makes the side of my face a... READ MORE

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