Tongue Thrusting + Invisalign

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Lots of Space in my Mouth from Missing Teeth. Can Invisalign Work for Me?

I had work done a about 10 years ago and 4 premolars were removed as a result. I also had to have my wisdom teeth removed because the wasn't... READ MORE

Can Untreated Tongue Thrusting Cause Invisalign Therapy to Fail?

Since i started invisalign 6 weeks ago, i noticed my mouth is extremely dry and a layer of film on teeth when remove trays. i am constantly brushing,... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Good at Closing Many Gaps?

My teeth are very straight, I just have a lot of spaces between them. My dentist says its from tongue thrust. Would would be my best opinion to close... READ MORE

Can an open bite (due to tongue-thrusting) be corrected without surgery?

I am 16 with an open-bite. The bottom row of my teeth seems to be pushed outward probably due to tongue-thrusting. I also have a cross bite along with... READ MORE

Should I get Spring Retainer or Invisalign Express? Should I get discounted because I've already had braces through this ortho?

I had braces 3 years ago, and have been wearing my retainer every night since because my teeth frequently shift due to tongue thrust. I have managed... READ MORE

Is a palate expander appliance and Invisalign the best choice for cross and open bite, or traditional braces? (photo)

I've seen 2 orthos for my crossbite. the 1st said he could solve with braces, since my R side (the worse side) has enough bone to push those teeth... READ MORE

Best, least embarassing most cost effective way to treat without compromising effectiveness. (photo)

I need help tongue thrust. Over bite. Teeth straightened. And am 27 year old manager who would like to look the part READ MORE

Is a mild openbite always going to lead to problems in later life? (photo)

Im 18 my openbite isnt to obvious and I don't mind it but I am worried about the future. I think it is caused by tongue thrusting as I have never... READ MORE

Would Invisalign fix my open bite? (photos)

I've had this since I was younger due to a tongue thrust. My dentist hasn't tried to fix it, but they did mention braces once a long time ago. My top... READ MORE

What medical procedures would I need to get my smile fixed? (Photo)

I have a tongue thrust problem and have had it since I was little. An ortho told me that I needed to have surgery to break both my upper and lower... READ MORE

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