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Will Invisalign Affect my Speech?

I am dietitian and my primary responsibility is to consult patients. I would like to know if invisalign affect my ability to speak properly. READ MORE

Will People Notice That I'm Talking Differently with Invisalign?

I am concerned because I have worn bleaching trays before and they felt bulky in my mouth and made me talk funny. READ MORE

How Common is It for Invisalign Users to Develop a Temporary Speech Impediment?

My son already has a slight lisp; will Invisalign make it worse? Are there better options for straightening his teeth? READ MORE

Invisalign Speech Problems?

I am on the 5th day of invisalign and it has really affected my speech to the point where people dont even understand what i am saying. My dentist has... READ MORE

Can't Pronounce S with Invisalign?

Hey Today I am wearing my 7th tray and idk why until now I can't pronounce the S correctly. at the beginning it was only when I am wearing them but... READ MORE

I have problems speaking with Invisalign?

I have problems speaking with my Invisalign trays in. I have practiced speaking but it hasn't helped. People have trouble understanding me and I get... READ MORE

Why recommend closing natural gaps between the two front teeth?

My practitioner moved the front teeth further back than the bottom teeth so that the bottom teeth constantly push on the top teeth. He then washed his... READ MORE

I'm 20 and I have a noticeable speech problem and low self esteem cause of my teeth. Can Invisalign correct my mouth? (photo)

What is best option for me to correct my teeth and which one will corrected faster? Braces or invisalign? READ MORE

Air bubbles flowing under tray causing speech problems, what should I do?

I'm having problems with air bubbles flowing under my top tray in the front of my mouth. Certain sounds (I think it's the "d" sound that does it the... READ MORE

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