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Lots of Space in my Mouth from Missing Teeth. Can Invisalign Work for Me?

I had work done a about 10 years ago and 4 premolars were removed as a result. I also had to have my wisdom teeth removed because the wasn't... READ MORE

How Good is Invisalign at Removing Spaces After Tooth Extraction?

I visited my ortho today and he said he can remove my underbite by removing my lower pre-molars.i wanted to know how good invisalign is at closing the... READ MORE

Invisalign Causing Too Much Space

I'm only 3 weeks into treatment (2nd tray)& my bottom teeth were visually perfect. In fact, the ortho offered to only put invisalign on my top... READ MORE

Is Invisalign the Best Option for Me to Close my Spaces in my Teeth or is There Better? (photo)

To cut a long story short I tried Invisalign once (40U 20L) but the treatment failed (I did 10). After complaining for a list of reasons they offered... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Express Work for Teeth with a Lot of Spaces?

My teeth have a lot of spaces. I would like to try invisalign. A dentist told me that I could use express invisalign, but for some reason I have... READ MORE

My Daughter is Just Finishing Traditional Banded Braces and Ww Have Run into a Problem with the Two or Three Months?

She is all aligned as needed but just has a few spaces to be pulled together. Whould it be as costly to just finish up with the invisalign? READ MORE

Why is there a space between aligner and attachment? (Photo)

I found a picture on Google and put a green circle to indicate of what I mean. Notice the space between the bottom of the bump, for the attachment,... READ MORE

Are dark spaces normal after Interproximal Reduction (IPR) during Invisalign treatment? (photos)

I received 2 - 3mm IPR prior to receiving my first set of Invisalign Retainers. After 2 weeks I have spaces at the gum line that appear to be greater... READ MORE

How long would it take to move my teeth using distalization? (photos)

I'm missing my lateral incisors, and some of my teeth moved forward to fill in the space. An orthodontist recommended using distalization to move my... READ MORE

Is this fit correct? (Photo)

I started invisalign Tuesday, Oct. 21st, so this is only my third day but I'm not sure if there is too much space showing between my teeth and... READ MORE

I had braces as a kid and the space between my two front teeth returned a few years ago. Would Invisalign work for me? (photo)

When I went to college I stopped wearing my retainers at night and over the months the space in between my two front returned. I started wearing my... READ MORE

Do I qualify for Invisalign? I want to get rid of my gap and other spaces in my teeth. (photo)

I want to get rid of my gap and other spaces in my teeth. I also have a small overbite. I'm a former thumb-sucker. My bottom teeth are also a little... READ MORE

Could damon braces, a dna appliance, or Invisalign correct my problems and give me a broader smile? (Photo)

Narrow smile, not sure if it's my palate or arch. I have an overbite,two upper central incisors are actually a single crown molded as two. I was 17... READ MORE

Should my first invisalign have attachments?

I got my first set of aligners yesterday, and I am getting my attachments in two weeks time, i noticed though that the alligners that I am wearing... READ MORE

I was wondering if I would be a good candidate for bonding the front space in my teeth? (photos)

I have every intention of getting veneers when I can afford them. I have been to several orthodontists and would not be the best candidate for braces... READ MORE

What treatment options would you recommend for closing space of upper second premolar? (photos)

I lost my left upper second premolar (completely extracted) on 6 Jan 2015. My orthodontist suggested Invisalign for 5 months then an implant, after... READ MORE

Missing a tooth. Want to get Invisalign. Would you recommend closing the space instead of putting an implant?

I am missing a tooth on the bottom back right side. its the second to last one. i want to get invisalign. would you recommend to close the space... READ MORE

Just finished invisalign. Within 4 days of wearing my "Vivera retainer" all day, spaces are opening up again! Why is this?

I just finished my last tray a few weeks ago. I was given a "vivera retainer" to hold my teeth in place. My dentist told me i could "just wear it a... READ MORE

I noticed a space in the back right of my Invisalign tray. What should I do for now? (photo)

I just started my 5th trays of Invisalign, and I immediately noticed that at the back of my top left teeth there is space between the aligner and my... READ MORE

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