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Is Invisalign Right for Me? My Teeth Are Leaning Inward.

My teeth are straight but leaning just a bit inward, an orthodontics said that invisaligns would not correct them, but my dentist said it will. Who is... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix my Slanted Front Teeth? (photo)

I've had braces before but they were unable to fix my top teeth.. They still slanted backwards. I want to try invisalign but I'm afraid theres not... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix my Upper Front Teeth Which Slants to One Side? (photo)

I hope to fix the slant of my upper front teeth only and leave my lower teeth as they are. I am also curious how long treatment is likely to take... READ MORE

Invisalign or Braces (photo)

The facts:33 yrs old, deep bite (front teeth slanted inwards);no upper second incisors; upper canines=fangs; baby tooth next to my left upper... READ MORE

Invisalign Pain?

I have signed up for Invisalign but I'm having sleepless nights worrying about what I have gotten myself into. I have two upper incisors that are... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Help a Crooked Tooth and a Slanted One?

I have one crooked tooth and a tooth that slants. would invisalign be right? READ MORE

So I finished my Invisalign and my teeth are slanted, how do I fix that? (photos)

They go on a slant and some teeth are bigger than the others and my dentist won't do anything for it. READ MORE

Will Invisalign or Braces fix teeth that are slanted/shifted vertically? (photos)

The right side of my front upper teeth are shifted downward, creating an overbite on the right side of my mouth. I think I might have caused this... READ MORE

Relapse second time!! What is the best treatment option for THIRD time ? (photos)

After my previous post I have consulted orthodontists in my area. One has suggested to put a mini screw between my molar and premolar and try to move... READ MORE

Invisalign, braces, surgery (or some combination)? (Photo)

I have slanted upper teeth and a very crooked face. I wanted to know if I seemed like a good candidate for Invisalign. I also wanted to know if it... READ MORE

I have a question about my diastema. I had a diastema that I liked, because it was symmetrical. Any suggestions? (photos)

However, in the last 5-6 years, my right front tooth has slanted more.The gap between the front two teeth as increased in width. The left tooth... READ MORE

Crooked and slanted smile. Help. What kind of procedures are best? (Photo)

My teeth dont overlap eachother but my top teeth slant to my right side and my bottom teeth slant to my left side. Yes i have cracked fillers on my... READ MORE

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