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Is It Required That Teeth Are Shaved to Correct Crowding with Invisalign? Can Teeth Not Be Shaved with Invisalign?

My family dentist no longer does invisalign and recommended traditional braces. He actually told me that teeth had to be shaved for invisalign and... READ MORE

Should Teeth be Shaven and Bonded Before or After Invisalign?

Looked healthy before. I wanted to remove 1 bottom veneer (illusion of straight teeth.) Front teeth bunched over 2 side teeth. Extract problem back... READ MORE

How Common is IPR (Tooth Shaving) with Invisalign?

I have read a lot of Invisalign reviews and stories. I have found that it is fairly common that people mention IPR or the process of shaving down... READ MORE

Teeth Shaving and Black Triangles w/ Invisalign?

I recently asked a question about what to do about small gaps in my teeth. My teeth seem to be larger at the bottom than top: Can this be corrected by... READ MORE

Repairing Excessively Filed Teeth

While filling a couple of cavities on my top right back teeth, the dentist filed my teeth down to low. So, much so that I can no longer chew with much... READ MORE

Teeth Shaving for Invisalign?

I had a consult and was given my treatment plan. My dentist told me that I would need 0.5mm shaved in between 9 teeth. Is this excessive? Can this be... READ MORE

Tooth Shaved Down for Invisilign but Now It's Really Sensitive?

I needed IPR in between two of my bottom teeth. After I noticed some pain around the teeth when I drank ice water. I started trying to avoid any hot... READ MORE

Tooth Eruption on #9/Orthodontic Invisalign? (photo)

When I was 10 I chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth and the dentist shaved it to make it even. It seems to have erupted since then. It is 1mm... READ MORE

Teeth still "out of bite" after treatment and refinements. Dentist said they may need to shave my bottom teeth. Is this normal?

By tray #4, I noticed my front teeth would make contact with my bottom teeth, instead of my molars making contact like they used to. I finished... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix crowding of lower teeth? (photos)

I've just completed round one of Invisalign treatment. My orthodontist started with 27 sets of trays (no attachments). With the lower ones, maybe due... READ MORE

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