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Is Invisalign Safe for a Crowned Tooth with Root Canal?

I had a root canal performed on my front tooth 10 years ago. In my Clincheck for Invisalign, I saw that this is the tooth that will be moving up a... READ MORE

Invisalign Vs Braces at Age 16

I'm 16.Invisalign and Braces Which Is Better For Me?How Long Do I Need to Wear a Retainer After Invisalign Treatment?Which Is Safer Between... READ MORE

Safety of Plastic Used in Invisalign Devices?

I am excited about using Invisalign and have signed up and waiting for the first aligners. But I'm now worried about having plastic in my mouth for 1+... READ MORE

My dentist asked me to go from invisalign tray 9 to 12. Is this safe?

Apparently my teeth are moving along quickly but I'm in so much pain. Usually I've never had any pain when I change trays. READ MORE

Followup: My dentist asked me to go from invisalign tray 10 to 12. Is this safe?

I followed up with my dentist and they informed me that this is safe as my teeth have moved quickly. If I had any reservations I could wear the tray... READ MORE

Is it safe to switch Invisalign too early for just one time?

Sorry for my confusing title, I'm asking if it's okay to switch Invisalign early just ONCE. Like, you have two weeks to finish one, but switch it... READ MORE

Is Acceledent safe?

My sister's Ortho said straight up he doesn't recommend it. And, my ortho was a little uneasy about ordering it because it hasn't been proven yet. I... READ MORE

Is invisalign safe to wear immediately after a front tooth root canal?

I only had 4 trays left of my invisalign round and had to have a sudden root canal because my nerves began dying on my front left tooth. I had the... READ MORE

Is Invisalign use safe for pregnant women?

I'm a Invisalign patient . Recently I found I'm pregnant. I used to wearing Invisalign when eating foods, because I can't bite and cut foods if I... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on removing yellow stains SAFELY from aligners? (photos)

Question 1 Thoughts on removing yellow stains SAFELY from the aligners? I smoke, have yellow staining. Others use bleach/peroxide mixed with water &... READ MORE

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