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Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

I have Ucare. I have a gap between my front teeth and the teeth next to the front overlap slightly. All my other teeth are perfectly straight. How... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct a Misaligned Bite?

I want to get invisalign to fix crowding but my back teeth don't align. I know the top teeth should slightly overlap the bottom but my molars are... READ MORE

Best way to fix overlapping front tooth and vampire-like teeth. (photos)

Hi1) My front right tooth is covering my left tooth and I hate the way my front 6 teeth look when I smile.2) Not only this but my canines are also... READ MORE

Can invisilign resolve my issues? (photos)

I have an overlapping upper canine (snaggletooth) and some lower crowding that I'd like to fix. I will not do traditional braces at 29, so im looking... READ MORE

Extreme Crowding, What Dental Care Do You Think Will Be Required? (photo)

I just got recommended to a specialist by my dentist. He said I had extreme crowding in my upper teeth, a cross bite, and an open bite in the middle.... READ MORE

Would insurance cover Invisalign if I already had braces?

Since the braces my teeth have overlapped and I am now having trouble brushing flossing and my gums are more sensitive and red where the crooked... READ MORE

At what point in the Invisalign treatment process should IPR be done? (photos)

My clincheck showed IPR of .5 on both lower canines as well as the first bicuspid on each side. My lower canine is starting to overlap one of the... READ MORE

Can I still get invisilign?

I have overlapping 2 front teeth not that bad though. Then I have my 2 top k-9 baby teeth missing. Then I have my 2nd to last tooth on the top missing... READ MORE

could Invisalign fix my bottom teeth?

I had braces a couple years ago and my bottom have shifted a lot recently and I don't really wanna go through braces again.. the only thing wrong with... READ MORE

I have overlapping front teeth and an overbite. Will correcting overlap make overbite look worse?

I want to get Invisalign to fix my 2 front teeth; they overlap slightly, one appears pushed back. My dentist said he could correct it with Invis.... READ MORE

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