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Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

I have Ucare. I have a gap between my front teeth and the teeth next to the front overlap slightly. All my other teeth are perfectly straight. How... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct a Misaligned Bite?

I want to get invisalign to fix crowding but my back teeth don't align. I know the top teeth should slightly overlap the bottom but my molars are... READ MORE

Best way to fix overlapping front tooth and vampire-like teeth. (photos)

Hi1) My front right tooth is covering my left tooth and I hate the way my front 6 teeth look when I smile.2) Not only this but my canines are also... READ MORE

Extreme Crowding, What Dental Care Do You Think Will Be Required? (photo)

I just got recommended to a specialist by my dentist. He said I had extreme crowding in my upper teeth, a cross bite, and an open bite in the middle.... READ MORE

Can invisilign resolve my issues? (photos)

I have an overlapping upper canine (snaggletooth) and some lower crowding that I'd like to fix. I will not do traditional braces at 29, so im looking... READ MORE

Can I still get invisilign?

I have overlapping 2 front teeth not that bad though. Then I have my 2 top k-9 baby teeth missing. Then I have my 2nd to last tooth on the top missing... READ MORE

Would insurance cover Invisalign if I already had braces?

Since the braces my teeth have overlapped and I am now having trouble brushing flossing and my gums are more sensitive and red where the crooked... READ MORE

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