Loose Teeth + Invisalign

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Is it normal for my teeth to be loose after wearing a retainer?

I have been on and off with my retainers ever since I got them about 4 years ago. I just put them in last night after not wearing them for a month and... READ MORE

Started Retainers Today Which Are Snug, Noticed a Loose Tooth?

I started my Invisalign retainers today and they are quite snug. I don't mind them being tight but I noticed it has caused a loose tooth. I remember... READ MORE

Teeth Falling Out After Using Invisalign. Is That a Possibility?

I have seen several reviews online about teeth falling out after using Invisalign.  Is it true that one may loose teeth after using invisalign? READ MORE

Loose tooth on retainer 16/31. Should I be worried?

Saw my hygienest/dentist the other day and when cleaning my lower teeth she became concerned. She implied that there was significant movement and that... READ MORE

I never lost lateral incisor teeth. Now one of them is loose, what's the best thing to do?

I never lost my lateral incisor teeth, now one of them is loose, what's the best thing to do? X-rays from my dentist show permanent teeth still in my... READ MORE

Teeth typically get loose during Invisalign. Are there cases in which treatment must stop as a result of too much mobility?

My ortho is considering discontinuing my treatment due to a few teeth having more mobility than he's comfortable with. I was told to get xrays and... READ MORE

I have my 4th tray & my back molar is loose. It pops up & down & I can move it with my finger. Should I use my old tray?

I just started my 4 tray and on my back molar is loose. It pops up and down and I can push it up and down with my finger. Its Saturday and my dentist... READ MORE

Loose teeth with invisalign - not happy. Nobody warned me about this?

I'm am 49 - braces when I was 15 - 19. Absent wisdom teeth / bottom 2nd molars. Upper lateral incisor had rotated ++ - started invisalign. No sig... READ MORE

How likely I'm going to loose tooth nr 31? (photos)

I am wearing Invisalign Lite which involves some attachments, IPR and extruding my lower teeth, too. Tooth 31's neck was already slightly out of the... READ MORE

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