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What is the Difference Between Invisalign Expansion and the Use of a Palate Expander?

Can invisalign expand, albeit not as significant, in the same manner as a palate expander in a 20 year old or above? Or does a palate expander act in... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Provide Enough Expansion to Increase Nasal Passage Airway?

Can invisalign provide enough expansion to actually increase the airway of the nasal passage way in minor cases? I am a 20 year old male. If not, will... READ MORE

Palate Expander Open Nasal Air Way?

I am 20 years old and do have a slightly narrow palate and am being treated with invisalign. I was looking to possibly get a palate expander following... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct a Misaligned Bite?

I want to get invisalign to fix crowding but my back teeth don't align. I know the top teeth should slightly overlap the bottom but my molars are... READ MORE

I Have Been Wearing my Expanders for 2 Weeks and Activated Them 14 Times(3.5mm)

My doctor has told me that he will take these expanders out in 3 to 4 more weeks and then put invisalign. he said since i need 4 mm of space, he... READ MORE

My Daughter Need an Expander to Fix an Underbite when She Turns 6. Is This Our Only Option? (photo)

She has an underbite and our dentist says she will need an exspander around 6 years of age. I am really nervous about getting it done. I do not want... READ MORE

If I wear Invisalign wouldn't my palate bone go back to being narrow and Invisalign might not be effective?

I have had my removable expanders for two weeks and and activated them 14 times (3.5mm). My dentist has told me that I will be activating my expanders... READ MORE

Will Expanding my Arch with Invisaligns Change Lip/facial Shape?

I have a case of an overjet, and deep bite. My ortho said he can treat these problems by expanding my arch. I do want a wider smile too. I'm concerned... READ MORE

is it True that If I try to Expand with Invisalign that I Run the Risk of the Alignment Reverting Back?

I am interested in expansion with Invisalign. I read about the limitations with Invisalign and how tipping is used. I was told that Invisalign does... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix Mistakes Caused By Expanders?

Hi everyone:) I got my braces off 2yrs ago. An expander was used & now my mouth is huge! The shape of my mouth was changed & my teeth my teeth... READ MORE

Why are we not able to wear an expander but are able to wear braces? Does the expander changes the way you breath or talk?

How is it that if an adult stops growing and are not able to wear a palatel expander but are able to wear braces yet our teeth are constantly moving?... READ MORE

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