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Should the Invisalign Tray Edges Be Sharp?

I started my Invisalign treatment yesterday.Well yesterday, there were no gaps or edges sticking out. Today, the bottom tray has a small gap between... READ MORE

Have Jaw Pain After Invisalign, Supposedly Caused from an Overbite, Is this Discomfort Permanent? (photo)

I have finished my Invisalign treatment. I've been having left jaw pain. My orthodontist stated that I have a bit of an overbite so my it puts... READ MORE

What Level of Pain is Expected when Applying the Invisalign Attachments?

What level of pain is expected when applying the Invisalign attachments? Would one expect some jaw soreness or stiffness from the procedure? What... READ MORE

Can I Switch from Invisalign to Metal Braces?

I am on tray 5 or 23 for my invisalign. I just noticed how inconvinient they are for me. I am a runner and I need to be eating a lot more times a day... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Take Advil when Using Invisalign?

Would Advil be fine to take, or would Aspirin, Tylenol, or something else be better for taking the edge off the discomfort? READ MORE

Can Invisalign straighten my teeth? Improve jaw discomfort/alignment and fill gap of extracted tooth? (photos)

Had palate expander & braces as a teenager, noticed subtle shifting during college years but retainer no longer fit. Now in my late 20's my teeth are... READ MORE

I'm on day 3 of invisalign and I am experiencing bruising within my cheeks and inner lips. What can I do to ease the discomfort?

When my front lips go over my teeth the invisalign edges scratches my inner lip, is there anything that could help ease this discomfort? READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Invisalign? (Photo)

I am 40 years old and do not think I can tolerate the discomfort with metal brace. I am open to getting implants for the space from past tooth... READ MORE

If I have symptoms of TMJ, and metal sensitivity, with traditional braces, is Invisalign likely to be a successful alternative?

Traditional braces, with bite turbos, caused symptoms of imbalance, temporal pressure/discomfort, ear noise, facial imbalance, sunken temples, and... READ MORE

Can a metal Invisalign button be placed on a dental implant?

3 Weeks ago I had an Invisalign refinement due to some of my teeth not tracking correctly. Part of the refinement included a metal button to attach a... READ MORE

Are teeth movement while in Vivera retainers normal?

I have just started wearing Vivera retainers. The bottom tray does not snap in as easily as the top tray and takes some effort to get it in. There is... READ MORE

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