Diastema + Invisalign

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With Invisalign, Will my Gap Remain Closed if the Piece of Skin That Seperates the Teeth is Too Large and Isn't Removed?

I am waiting to receive my first set of aligners. Basically my only problem is the gap between my two front teeth. I wore braces in the past & had... READ MORE

For a Space Between my Two Front Teeth Should I Get Invisalign or Braces, I'm 13?

My dentist told me my teeth were perfect and unless I wanted orthodontia for cosmetic reasons I don't need it. Though, i have decided that the... READ MORE

What Type of Retainer Should I Use After Closing my 5mm Diastema with Invisalign?

What Type of Retainer Should I Use After Closing my 5mm Diastema with Invisalign? READ MORE

Can I Have A Frenectomy After I Already Started the Invisalign Treatment?

I have a large 5 mm diastema. Can i make the frenectomy within 3 months after starting the invisalign treatment? Can the injure be cured without... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Be Used in my Case

Here is a picture of my upper jaw 1. Can Invisalign be used if there is a big gap (which must not be closed, just exists). I am trying to close it at... READ MORE

I am currently under invisalign treatment. When will I start to see my diastema closing?

I am currently using invisalign for the diastema in between my two front teeth. I am on my 6th out of 18 liners. I was wondering if these current... READ MORE

I have generalized diastemas on my maxillary arch. Will Invisalign work to close these gaps? (Photo)

When I was a kid the dentist chose to pull my first molars on each side of my top teeth because he was scared that I would not have room for my wisdom... READ MORE

My Invisalign doesn't work and my diastema keeps appearing. What should I do next?

I got my braces removed a week back and got my retainers four days back..during my treatment I developed mid line diastema..my dentist tried using... READ MORE

Do I need to wear a retainer when I have a bonded wire retainer?

I started Invisalign treatment in February 2013 because of a large gap between my two front teeth. Other than that my teeth were relatively straight.... READ MORE

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