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Can Invisalign Damage Teeth?

I had Invisalign for 8 months and had the 2 attachments on the upper second tooth from the front on each side. When they were removed, vertical... READ MORE

Repairing Enamel Wear from Invisalign Braces

I have had Invisalign since April of 2009, 9 months down the road my teeth are almost perfect. My question is if anyone else has noticed wear on their... READ MORE

Is There Long Term Damage Done when Skipping 5 Invisalign Trays?

I'm a 27 year old woman who has never had braces in the past. I'm currently doing the Invisalign treatment. I've completed trays 1-6 wearing each tray... READ MORE

Invisalign Bonding Agent Covering Whole Tooth, Is This Ok?

I just got my Invisalign yesterday. I have some gumline recession on a few of my teeth, and attachments were required on some of those teeth. The... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Enamel Appearance Changes After Invisalign Attachments Were Removed?

When removing my attachments, my ortho didn’t use magnification. After, the teeth appeared dry/dull/gashed/scratched. My lateral incisor was flat... READ MORE

I am 62 & did Invisalign last yr. The dr said it would take 1 1/2 yrs but stopped abruptly after xrays after 1 yr. Why?

My regular dentist yesterday (during a root canal on a bottom tooth) said it could take 5 yrs for adults (which the ortho never mentioned who even... READ MORE

My 4th invisalign tray was damaged after 3 1/2 days and my dentist told me to move on to tray 5. Is this safe?

My 4th tray invisalign was damaged after 3 1/2 days and my dentist told me to move on to tray 5. I they fit fine but I am afraid because if all I have... READ MORE

Is my enamel damaged from possibly poor removal of invisalign attachments?

My Ortho took off my attachments today and now my canine tooth has a flat spot! I'm freaking out. Did he wear away the enamel? Is my tooth is danger?... READ MORE

My doctor recommended my wearing aligners only one week at a time without any treatment-shortening technology. Is this ok?

My doctor initially estimated that my treatment with invisalign would be 1yr. After the clincheck I was told I needed 53 aligners for 2+yrs. I was... READ MORE

Can I skip a set of trays?

Cutting a long story short I lost my 5/18 trays, can I advance on to no.6? I can't find the 4th set and they don't seem too uncomfortable. What damage... READ MORE

Is it bad to wear your Invisalign (night time only - waiting for refinement) every 2nd night or so?

While waiting for my refinement invisalign, I have been told to wear my retainer to bed only. I am getting a few other things prior to my refinement,... READ MORE

Can I get Invisalign with having to get my baby teeth removed? (Photo)

When I had X-rays done, my denist said I have baby teeth still but my adult teeth were never coming down because they pointing towards each other like... READ MORE

Can I drink alcohol with Invisalign on?

I often go out and stay 3-4 hours in the pub or club...I drink alcohol with invisalign on because I don't want to lose 4 hours without invisalign on.... READ MORE

Would Invisalign work for me, or do I need traditional braces? (photos)

The cost of braces was a deterrent for my family when I was a child. I'm almost 45 now, and regret spending so many years feeling self-conscious about... READ MORE

Could Invisalign correct damage to my teeth and therefore my bite?

Hi, My name is Jon. In May of 2009 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. An endoscopic biopsy was performed in June of the same year. I've had chronic... READ MORE

Did I out trays on too early?

I been wearing my Invisalign not as long as I should have been. I'm on tray 6 but I switched after I put on tray 7 two days after my two weeks I... READ MORE

I have not worn my retainer in two years and had a tiny mislap. Should I start to wear it again or will it cause more damage?

I have not worn my retainer in two years and had a tiny mislap. I still have my last vevera retainer but it is really really tight. Should I start to... READ MORE

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