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Rotate Canines, Will Invisalign Work?

I am currently having invisalign and after reading many posts on the internet I am very unsure on the outcome. My canines are really rotated. I have... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Invisalign? I Have A Missing Tooth and a Dental Flipper.

I have a dental flipper that I wear due to my canine (eye tooth) not coming down. I had to have both of my (baby)canines removed when I was in High... READ MORE

I Still Have my Right Canine Tooth, I'm 16 and It's Pretty Loose. Should I Get Invisalign?

So, I still have my right canine. (from my point of view) I'd like to get Invisalign to make my teeth a bit more straighter, and get that perfect... READ MORE

Will Having my Impacted Canine Tooth Removed After Invisalign Ruin my Results? (photo)

I am 24. I still have a baby canine tooth, that looks very awkward with my smile, which I want to remove. My dentist told me the adult tooth was in... READ MORE

Two Different Specialist Advice, Need Help from an Expert. Which Treatment Plan Is Right For Me? (photo)

I visited two different experts, and I got two different tecniques, I don't know what to choose considering i'm not an expert... This is my... READ MORE

Best way to fix overlapping front tooth and vampire-like teeth. (photos)

Hi1) My front right tooth is covering my left tooth and I hate the way my front 6 teeth look when I smile.2) Not only this but my canines are also... READ MORE

At tray 20 from 29, why did k-9 tooth stop tracking. After 28 trays I've got 41 refinement trays.

I'm concerned about the large amount of refinements, I have had 14 buttons placed on my upper teeth and 8 on my bottom. My bottom teeth are straight.... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Fix my Rotated Canine? (photo)

I'm 31 and I have this transposed and rotated left canine I want to fix with braces. I don't want fixed braces, so my dentist proposed two options:... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work with Two Cainine Teeth and Space Problems? (photo)

The cainines on the top of my mouth are sideways. They should look like my bottom ones. This has causes the spacing in the top of my mouth to be off... READ MORE

I'm 23 and Have my Right Canine Tooth That Hasn't Completely Dropped. It is Too Crowed Which is Why It Won't Come Down? (photo)

I have had retainers never braces. I am looking to have a nice smile but this tooth has always been an embarrassment. Please help I'm hoping I won't... READ MORE

Tray doesn't fit anymore. There is a gap between the tray and my lateral incisors, and sensitivity in my left canine. (Photo)

Hi, I'm on tray 14 and with the 13th tray my upper tray stopped fitting and it's getting worse. Between tray and lateral incisors is a gap that's... READ MORE

Would a spring retainer be enough to push my canine teeth down? (photo)

I'm pretty sure none of my teeth overlap so I don't see why it shouldn't be. Also does anyone have an idea on what price it would be? Just an... READ MORE

Second and First Molar and Canine Small Cavities After Using Invisalign for 17 Days?

I've been using invisalign for like 17 days.. Everything was fine until I found out that I have like thin dark brown lines on my second and first... READ MORE

Tooth that was being rotated with braces now hurts with retainer. Why? (photo)

I had braces for 3 and a half years and I got them removed today. My canine was being rotated and it took so long that I decided to get the braces... READ MORE

How long would it take to straighten my teeth with Invisalign? Am I a good candidate for it? (Photo)

The area that is most crowded is the bottom at the center. My two upper frontal teeth are moving closer, and one of them is moving on top of the other... READ MORE

My canine teeth are really blunt, how much is it to have them filed? (photo)

I know this is wrong and I regret it so much, but when I was younger I hated how my canine teeth sticked out so I came up with the brilliant idea to... READ MORE

Missing BOTH Canine Teeth - my 17yr Old Daughter Never Developed Both Permanent Eye Teeth?

The baby teeth are still there but with no root structure. She is also missing a premolar and we have already had an oral surgeon "wiggle" another... READ MORE

I Have 2 Canine Teeth I'd Like Pulled. Since They're Up Front I'd Prefer a Quick Replacement or Invisalign, best Option? (photo)

One of my canine teeth is decaying and the other wants to. They both have a tooth behind them, & the side thats decaying protrudes out on top. Its... READ MORE

My Dr. Wants To Perform The New Propel Procedure, (I Have One Tooth That's Being Stubborn) Any Thoughts?

Was supposed to be finished in ten months. Because of one stubborn eye tooth I'm on month15 with three more to go. Be patient? or speed things up with... READ MORE

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