Brushing Teeth + Invisalign

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How Many Times Should I Brush my Teeth with Invisalign?

How many time should I brush my teetih with invisalign? do I wash too much times? is that hurting my teeth? get up, brush, breakfast, brush, lunch,... READ MORE

How to Eat in School with Invisalign? Costs? (photo)

I'm considering getting invisalign to fix my slightly overcrowded teeth and overjet. However, I'm going to be a junior in high school, and I don't... READ MORE

Wait 30 Minutes Before Reinserting Invisalign?

I have Invisalign (express and top only) and read somewhere that you should wait 30 minutes after eating to brush and reinsert the liners. Is that... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Brush my Teeth with Wisps, or Could the Rigid Bristles Damage my Gums or Enamel?

I like the convenience the Colgate Wisps offer, but compared to a soft bristled toothbrush the bristles seem so rigid that I worry they could do... READ MORE

Wouldn't Brushing After Every Meal Wear out the Teeth Enamel?

Wouldn't Brushing After Every Meal Wear out the Teeth Enamel? I Try to Wait 1 Hr Max READ MORE

Cavities after Invisalign?

Do most people get cavities after or during Invisalign treatment? I am very concerned about this as I have never had a cavity. I only take my... READ MORE

Can you brush Invisalign trays with an electric toothbrush?

I am about to get invisalign and I use a sonicare toothbrush. I can not find any information on brushing attachments and cleaning the trays with an... READ MORE

Is there supposed to be tooth sensitivity when I take out my Invisalign? It's short lived, but hurts :-( Thanks for the help.

When I take them out to eat or brush or just anything, whenever I bite on food, not hard food or anything, I have a few teeth that really hurt. Hurt... READ MORE

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