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Teeth Not Aligned to Bridge of Nose - Braces or Invisalign Better to Fix It?

My two front teet are jutting out and is slightly shifted to the left from the bridge of my nose. Which one is better for treating it, braces or... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Realign Upright Lower Molars Due to Extractions?

I had my lower 12-year-old molars extracted 50 years ago. They were never replaced. Result is that the teeth behind them have tilted forward so that... READ MORE

How Severe of a Problem Can Be Fixed with Invisalign?

My adult stepson has the WORST mouth that I have ever seen. Some teeth are forward, some are back, some are turned. His lower jaw rises up and then... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Work For Front Teeth with Bridgework On The Back?

My front four upper teeth need straightening. Will a bridge on my back teeth interfere with Invisalign's need to widen the arch? READ MORE

I Have a Three Tooth Bridge, and Multiple Crowns, Could I Use/wear Invisaline?

I Have a Three Tooth Bridge, and Multiple Crowns, Could I Use/wear Invisalign? READ MORE

Invisalign with Permanent Bridges?

Front 6 teeth are 2 separate 3 tooth bridges that are separating in the middle, small over bite and wide spacing on bottom teeth. Can Invisalign be... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work with Bridges?

I have 2 bridges (one on each side of my mouth). Will Invisalign work for me? READ MORE

Can Invisalign Move Bridged Area?

I have a bridge over my missing 2nd molar (upper leftside). I had all my premolars extracted for Invisalign treatment due to severe crowding at the... READ MORE

I Am Almost Finished Invisalign I'm Worried I Dont Have Enough Space for Dental Bridges? (photo)

I was born without both of my lateral teeth, through out the years my front two teeth spaced out to try and fill these gaps. I am almost finished... READ MORE

Can I get braces/invisalign over a bridge? What are my options to improve my smile? (photo)

My teeth are shifted and it really affects my self esteem. one dentist said he can fix with veneers but I dnt know if thats going to fix my problem of... READ MORE

Will invisalign work with a bridge?

I am 30yrs old and my teeth have shifted to the left due to a missing molar. My bite is uneven and I have a small gap that nobody notices but bothers... READ MORE

Invisalign for my Teeth? (photo)

I went to the orthodontist today, and he told me that Invisalign isn't really a option for me.. I am missing 3 or 4 teeth in my left lower jaw. If I... READ MORE

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