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Will Invisalign Solve Problem of Crowded Teeth and V Shaped Arch?

Hello! I'm 19 years old and have three problems; 1 - my upper teeth are quite crowded, 2 - the arch of my upper teeth is shaped in like a... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix Narrow Arch?

Can invisalign make the narrow arch wider, so it will be space to pull teeth inside, fix overjet? READ MORE

How Much Will Invisalign Cost and Roughly How Long?

I got braces about 5 years ago, and due to some retainer issues my teeth moved and there are now gaps between my canine and premolar on both sides of... READ MORE

Avoid IPR by Widening Arch?

Can IPR be avoided by widening or reshaping the arch of top and bottom teeth during refinement? I already had over 4 mm of IPR total done during the... READ MORE

Invisalign to Widen the Dental Arches? (photo)

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to widen the dental arches with invisaling? first time got 4 teeth extracted. ended up with no lip support flat... READ MORE

How Long To See Results With Invisalign? (photo)

Invisalign treatment to widen my smile. Is It normal that all my trays looked exacly the same size. I don't see any difference in each of them. I also... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Enlarge the Lower Arch? (photo)

After reading some great answers on this site, from great doctors, I think that, what i need is to widen the lower arch and push the lower teeth... READ MORE

Will Invisalign an Arch Expansion for a Wider Look?

I just had diagnostics completed for invisalign treatment. My upper arch is narrow- will invisalign automatically create arch expansion for a wider... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Be Able to Fix my Bite? (photo)

I was at one consultation, and she said ceramic braces would be the only option for my kind of bite. I booked an appointment with an office who... READ MORE

How can I widen my very small mouth? I think you call it a V-shaped arch and only a few teeth show when I smile.

I am trying to get advice about what procedures can be done to widen my dental arch. Only a few teeth show when I smile, and I have to concentrate on... READ MORE

Will Expanding my Arch with Invisaligns Change Lip/facial Shape?

I have a case of an overjet, and deep bite. My ortho said he can treat these problems by expanding my arch. I do want a wider smile too. I'm concerned... READ MORE

6 month smile braces not giving me a perfect arch. Can Invisalign expand my arch to get straight teeth? (photos)

I was fitted with 6 month smiles over 10 months ago and my teeth are straighter but not in an arch which is what I wanted. my arch will need to be... READ MORE

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