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Tummy tuck without muscle tightening

  • Lyn153
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 4 years ago

I'm fairly certain that this question has been answered a million times--bear with me.

I have extra skin on my belly. I do not and never have carried weight anywhere else. I can see my musculature and I have definition (that I am happy with) on my tummy. I have lost as much weight as I want to, have never had children (are my muscles still stretched out?) and feel I would be happy with my shape if the skin were removed.

Surgeon says I do need a full tummy tuck, is this possible without muscle stitching?

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I have lost alot of weight in the past 9 months.i did not want to get any surgery done until i was down to my goal weight.The only thing i have a problem with is how i have loose skin on my tummy and then the stretch marks make it look like wrinkles!i went from 188 lbs to 126 lbs and the loose skin on my tummy is the only problem.Is there a way to just have the skin tightened without all the other stuff?Kinda like a face lift but for your stomach?This is all i need done.

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Technically, you sure can. I believe it's called a pannilectemy (NOT spelled
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can i do a skin only tummy tuck? or am i making a mistake?

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