Upper Eyelids + Injectable Fillers

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Injectable Fillers for Hollow Upper Eyelids?

I had Blepharoplasty done 4 years ago (28 years old) but my upper eyelids are so hollow I look like I'm 45! Can juvederm be used to fill out this area? READ MORE

Fillers to Make Upper Eyelids Fuller?

Are there any fillers that can recreate upper eyelid fullness? I am in my early 40's, have lost volume in my face, especially around my eyes, making... READ MORE

How Can I Find Someone Experienced in Using Fillers in the Upper Eyelids?

I am 57 years old and have lost volume in the upper eyelids. I now have a sharp crease and a bony looking orbit. How can I find someone experienced in... READ MORE

Can local anesthetic (lidocaine, etc.) be used before injection of upper eyelid (i.e. orbital rim) filler? (photo)

My upper eyelids (well not the upper eyelid itself but hopefully you know what I mean - the orbital rim I think) are starting to look hollow due to... READ MORE

What is the best filler for hollow upper eyelid?

Which is the best filler for Hollow upper eye lids and can the entire eye lid be treated? READ MORE

Can upper eyelid fillers cause blindness?

Hello. I have asymmetrical and slightly hollow upper eyelids and wanted a hyaluronic filler such as restalyne to reduce the hollowness. Is this area... READ MORE

Will a filler be able to fix my asymmetrical eyes or is an upper eyelid surgery for my left eye required? (Photo)

When i was a little kid I was in a dog bite incident where my right bottom portion of my lip was "shredded" as i like to refer to it, and every since... READ MORE

Upper eyelid hollow fillers in London? (Photo)

Hello. I'm 22 and my upper eyelids are asymmetrical. The region which bothers me is directly above my inner corner. I don't want filler all around my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for upper eye fillers? (photo)

I had upper eye surgery and now upper eye lid is hollow. Would I be a good candidate for upper eye filler and if so what do you recommend? READ MORE

Is it possible to inject a filler to the upper lid?

I am a young women with hooded eyes but the non mobile part of my eyelid doesn't completely cover the mobile part, it looks kind of deflated with no... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surface Wrinkles

I have developed wrinkles and creasing on my upper eyelids. What procedure can be done safely on the upper eyelids to remove these wrinkles. I do not... READ MORE

Possible to Get Upper Eyelid Filler in Argentina?

I am interested in upper eyelid filler, but I live in Argentina, would you recomend any professional or institute in my country? May be is a new... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Filler to Upper eyelids vs Orbital Fat Graph? (photos)

If I had filler placed in A-frame upper eyelids would my upper eyelid still sink into the sulcus? Or do I need Orbital fat graph? Will the upper... READ MORE

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